The US Military Has Made The Fastest Quadcopter I've Ever Seen

Holy Hell, the US Military Made the Fast Quadcopter I've Ever Seen

DARPA, the Pentagon's research division, just revealed a speed demon quadcopter that flies at over 70 kilometres per hour -- it's like a cheetah drone. I can't stop watching glorious footage of this glorious cheetah drone.

It's a product of DARPA's Fast Lightweight Autonomy program (FLA), whose goal is to beef up drone processing power that will let them carry out low-level tasks, like manoeuvring in a crowded space, without human help. What makes this little guy even more impressive is that it's toting around a bunch of sensors and software so it can autonomously navigate around obstacles in its path -- all while hitting those unprecedented speeds. That's what makes this drone different from other similarly fast ones.

Pilot-free, lightweight, smart and wicked quick. This tech could be a huge help for military members looking to save civilians in an unpredictable emergency situation, like an earthquake zone, or gather intel in complex indoor spaces sans a human with a remote control. Or just wow your face off.




    I think you have messed up the title a bit -- shouldn't it be the fastest quadcopter not the fast quadcopter?

    Vortex says hi

    racers are becoming the next best thing now, will become a popular sport in 2016

    There's a racing drone that does 150kph. Just saying

    Do yous just close your eyes and try to write a headline at 72km to make deadlines coz you're all so "time poor"?

    Last edited 14/02/16 6:03 pm

    Here's one doing 157km/h. This Guy also took out all 3 championships in the USA last year, check out his videos, he's good!! He's also Aussie!

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