The New BOP IT Adds A Motion Sensor So Players Have To Perform Actions Too

The New BOP IT Adds a Motion Sensor So Players Have to Perform Actions Too

The deceptively simple bop it, pull it or twist it gameplay mechanics of the original BOP IT soon won't be quite as simple. In spring Hasbro Gaming will be introducing a new version of BOP IT that looks the same on the outside, but inside has been upgraded with a motion sensor that can detect a player's actions. So in addition to following the classic voice commands telling you to bop it, pull it or twist it, the $33 game will now ask players to perform specific actions with the toy such as swinging it like a hammer, holding it at arm's length to take an imaginary selfie or using it as a karaoke mic. There will still be a Classic mode that limits BOP IT to the original three commands, but the new Action mode adds ten new challenges using its new motion sensor.



    There was a public prank parody of this called yank it that looked like an abstract penis and balls,

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