The Last Ever Ford Falcon Has Been Revealed

The Last Ever Ford Falcon Has Been Revealed

This is it. The last ever Ford Falcon.

There will be just 1400 of Ford’s final Sprint Falcon models, which includes the XR8 Sprint and what will likely be the fastest production Falcon ever, the XR6 Turbo Sprint.

This post originally appeared on Business Insider Australia.

The leaks appeared on in the form of a leaked page, now removed, from Wheels Magazine due to be published on February 16, the same day Ford was due to announce the cars. Ford confirmed the car this morning, just hours after the leak.

Both cars will be based on the FPV RSPEC chassis, including wide 19-inch wheels, massive Brembo brakes and improvements to suspension and handling. XR8 models will be available with both manual and automatic transmissions, while the XR6 will be an automatic only affair.

The XR8 Sprint will receive a modest boost from its 345kW/570Nm Supercharged V8 in the standard car to 345kW/575Nm, although it’s likely that Ford’s figures will be conservative to preserve the exclusivity of the limited edition FPV GT F 351. It will be priced from $59,990.

But Ford’s quickest ever Falcon will likely not end up being a V8, with the XR6 Turbo Sprint set to go from 0-100km/h faster than the XR8’s 4.5 seconds. The XR6 Turbo will receive a big power boost, jumping from 270kW/533Nm in the standard model to a huge 325kW/576Nm in the Sprint edition. However, with overboost it will see 370kW of power and 650Nm of torque. It will also be much cheaper than the V8 model, starting at $54,990.

Visually there won’t be much of a change, with just revised fog lights, Sprint badges, a black roof, a spoiler, Sprint embroidered seats and individually numbered engine covers the only big changes.

Of the 1400 to be built, 900 will be V8 models and 500 will be the turbo-six, with 200 cars going to New Zealand. The cars will be going on sale in May.

But when the factory doors close in October and the overalls are hung up for the last time, this is what will be the last thing to roll out of Geelong’s doors.