The Inventor Of Bop It Has Modernised The Classic Cup And Ball Game

The Inventor Of Bop It Has Modernised The Classic Cup And Ball Game
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Bop It, the memory game that has you recreating a pattern of actions, is one of those toys that feels like it’s been around forever. The same goes for the classic cup and ball game, which probably predates your grandparents, and is now being given a second life thanks to Bop It’s inventor.

Instead of trying to catch a single tethered ball in a small wooden cup, which probably doesn’t appeal to today’s kids, Hyper Toss ups the challenge with three different cups and a ball that looks more like a Hacky Sack. Following audio instructions from the Hyper Toss game, players attempt to throw and then catch the ball, as quickly as they can, in whichever of the three coloured cups has been called out. If they miss, they lose.

There are four different game modes for players to choose from, including a speed challenge that has you trying to toss and catch the ball, in a different cup, 15 times as fast as you possibly can. The Hyper Toss game keeps track of how quickly players complete the challenge, giving them a time to beat the next time they play.

Hyper Toss will start hitting stores sometime in the summer, and when it does it will sell for just $US20 ($28). But don’t expect it to completely replace the classic cup and ball game you can still find in museum and pioneer village gift shops.

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