The Gods Of Egypt Also Has Spaceships, Because Why Not

The Gods of Egypt Also Have Spaceships, Because Why the Hell Not

Guys, I'm getting a little worried about Gods of Egypt's commitment to historical accuracy. This new clip from the movie, opening today, features the Egyptian god Set (played by a Scotsman) talking to the also ostensibly Egyptian god Ra (played by an Australian) on what appears to be a spaceship. In space.

[The embed isn't playing nice, so you'll have to watch the clip over at Nerdist for the time being. Basically, there's a spaceship.]

Now I know Gods of Egypt has come in a bit of controversy for its casting, since Denmark's Nikolaj Coster-Waldau seems to be the star closest to being an actual Egyptian (geographically speaking, of course). But, uh, this is a spaceship. I guess maybe the moviemakers are going for a "gods as aliens" kind of thing? Like Marvel did with Thor? And maybe that's why these Egyptian gods are all Space Caucasians? And I guess all of the actual Egyptians from history never bothered to write down these rather striking details about their divinities?

I guess it makes as much sense as any other aspect of Gods of Egypt. It still doesn't make it any better, though.


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    I see no problem with the accuracy* here.

    The Stargate documentary series has shown not just space ships, but wormhole travel, and its own Thor.

      God I miss Stargrate. Re-watched SG1 late last year, still great as always.

      *Universe does not count*

        How can you say that?? Universe was awesome and its a shame its gone. It complemented SG1 so much.

        Atlantis is the one that needs to be buried.. started out good and different, and as much as i love the replicators it just didnt hold jp to SG1.

          Atlantis > Universe. Only thing good about Universe is Rumpelstiltskin/Gold (I'll let you figure that one out). The first half of the first season of SGU is so boring. Good thing it improved. And they cancelled Atlantis for that, pfft.

        I thought Universe was just hitting its stride when they shut it down. The first season of leapfrog episodes wasnt hugely different to how SG-1 handled its first season, the only difference being you knew who the SG-1 baddies were thanks to the movie. But that evolved pretty fast.

          How many eps in SGU until it becomes bearable? I have tried a few times to get into but I'm thinking I need to power through the first few eps?

          There was not one character I liked, what I got from it was -
          NOTE: This is a very crude representation of what I thought about SGU - first few eps :P

          - The fat nerdy guy with low self esteem that has a thing for that girl
          - The depressed Dr guy who had his own secret agenda
          - That crazy unpredictable soldier who seemed to be a wild card
          - Old politician guy that sacrifices himself and leaves his daughter with said crazy crew
          - Daughter of the politician that does not seem to have a place on the ship

          Then there was this whole thing about those stones where they can posses people back on earth to communicate and fuck loved ones.

          Completely different tone to SG1 and SGA haha, I think I just missed the humour and light hardheartedness that the other 2 had

          Last edited 26/02/16 11:37 am

            Nothing wrong with your summary, thats pretty much the character list :) I liked that they were that different though, and really, they werent any worse than just about any other shows first year. SG-1 took its time to find its feet, and was really only after a couple of seasons that it took off.

            Hard to say when Universe starts working, I think it took the first half of the season to find its legs, and it was after that it started to build a story you could follow. I kept with it (and have just started watching from the start again), and the first few eps used the annoying leapfrog method of episodes.

            By that, I mean that a 'solution' in one episode would introduce another problem, which would then become a future episode, where another problem would appear, and so on and so on. It annoys me, and Universe did it without fail while they were figuring the show out.

            That changes after the mid season break, when there is a more or less continuing storyline for the rest of season one, and pretty much the whole of season two has a common theme. Which doesnt quite work, but it wasnt the worst storyline.

            It does creep up on you though, and you just find that everything has clicked into place and works well enough. Again, like most other shows.

              I see, thank you for that. I will give it another go with this in mind :)

      Was gonna make the exact same comment.

      Since when has a film about mythical beings ever had a history to be accurate to?

    Where the hell did this thing come from, this is the first I've heard of it?
    Looks kinda out there though for Egyptian history :)

    This looks like a flop. download only

      Have you seen the shorts?
      It looks beautiful!
      Surely the big screen is perfect for such eyecandy?

        Yes, I seen it, its a CGI overload and the bad type of CGI, but fine I'll download it in 1080 LOL

    This is going to be a cult classic. Midnight screenings. Script reciting by the audience. Dress ups. It has to be... It's the only way it can be justified.

    Very disappointing, Gizmodo... In Egyptian mythology, Ra had a solar boat. If you could be bothered to do some research & look in wikipedia (!!) you'd have found out that "Ra was thought to travel on two solar boats called the Mandjet (the Boat of Millions of Years), or morning boat and the Mesektet, or evening boat.[3] These boats took him on his journey through the sky and the Duat, the literal underworld of Egypt." Journalism ain't what it used to be... :-/

      Research!!? I'm glad the article/2 paragraphs was spelled correctly

    The Life of Brian had a spaceship and aliens.

      So did Battlefield Earth

        Oooh, maybe Gods of Egypt can knock Battlefield Earth off its mantle of Worst Movie Ever. Here's hoping.

    Yes, clearly this movie is baked in realisim. How dare they think about putting a space ship in it!

    How are Egyptian gods from the African area? Who determined that as historical fact? US Gizmodo at it's finest?

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