The ASAP Dash Is A Super-Fast-Charging USB Battery

Portable backup batteries for your iPhone or Android phone aren't an especially new thing, and they're very useful -- they're a lifeline for a smartphone that's about to die far from a wall charger. Just about the only problem is that they themselves are not especially quick to charge, potentially stranding you in a difficult spot when your iPhone is out of juice and your backup battery is just as dead. The ASAP Dash solves exactly that problem.

The Dash doesn't do anything special when it's actually charging an iPhone or tablet or Android phone -- that part runs at the usual 5 volts, 2.4 amps, charging your device at 12 watts. It's the other side of the equation -- charging the portable battery itself at a massive 40 watts (19 volts, 2.1 amps -- similar to a laptop's charger), filling its 5000mAh capacity in 15 minutes flat -- that is impressive.

There's a good reason behind this, in my experience. I always leave the house with a fully charged phone battery -- that's a given. And I always take a portable USB battery as a backup, just in case I use my phone a little too heavily and need a top-up. But I don't always check that my backup battery has a full charge -- at three or four times the capacity of my phone, it's usually an overnight charge rather than a quick one.

The ASAP Dash's quick charging makes it convenient to top off your backup battery whenever you remember to -- if you plug it in and go and make a cup of coffee, then drink it, it'll probably already be done when you get back to it. 15 minutes is short enough for that "oh crap, I forgot to charge, can I quickly fill it up?" last minute dash that we're all familiar with.

The ASAP Dash has almost cracked US$100,000 on Indiegogo, and the company says it'll ship units to backers in June this year. Considering it's already producing early samples that work as advertised -- I've got one in my hands right now -- I'd say that's a pretty realistic target. [Indiegogo / ChargeASAP]



    i am definitely getting this one. Never had a power bank and this will be my first one.... :)

    They have cleverly included what I consider an essential feature of battery banks - it can also be charged (much more slowly) from a standard microUSB port. Which means that Android users can top it up with their normal phone charger.

    Sadly, my own days of using microUSB are at an end with my purchase of a Nexus 6P. But hopefully it won't be long until USB Type C chargers are commonplace.

    No thank you! Too expensive. I'll stick with genuine Mi Power Banks.

    Am I the only one that feels weird charging a battery with a battery.

      As apposed to towing a car with another? :)

      I went on the cheap end, bought an empty 4 cell powerbank from eBay and recycled some 18550 cells from laptop batteries I was going to turf.

      I get around 5800mAh when fully charged. Not bad for something that cost $5...

      Last edited 18/02/16 1:27 pm

      Especially when the battery is not only as big as my phone, but unable to check in my luggage? WTF?

    Thank you for your support @klaw, you will be happy to know we are announcing today that ASAP Dash is now USB Type-C compatible.

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