Tesla's Self-Driving 'Summon' Is Now Available In Australia

Tesla has just released the latest software update for its all-electric Model S, and it adds the ability for the car to park itself and then return to the owner at the push of a button. Summon, as it's called, has finally passed its regulatory hurdles in Australia, and that means the Model S is -- again -- the smartest car on our roads and in our carparks.

Summon comes as part of the Model S' 7.1.1 software update, released late last week to customer vehicles around the country. As well as Summon, 7.1.1 adds better Spotify connectivity when you're in a dodgy 4G or 3G area, per-driver adjustments to the Creep setting, and "enhancements" to regenerative braking. But Summon is by far the most interesting new feature, because in traditional Tesla fashion it's very different to the way we normally drive.

With Summon, a Model S driver can tell the car to drive itself into a parking spot up to 10 metres from where it's stopped; it's useful for parking the car in an extremely tight space where the driver wouldn't easily be able to exit the vehicle. Summon also works in reverse, pulling the car out from its parking space -- with limited steering and navigation -- for the driver to jump in and get going. Tesla is very careful to say that Summon is only for flat driveways in private residential property, and that drivers should stay near the car when it's parking itself.


    Not that I'll be able to afford one any time soon but I can see it very useful in apartment block carparks where the parking spaces are designed to the minimum width and the guys on either side of your space drive large 4WDs (so I can barely open my door to get out).

      Solution: Buy a larger SUV, with a convenient rear exit hatch.

    I am amazed how a car can improve so much / add so much value with just a software update. Man, we've come far over the last few years.

    Imagine going to Holden with your Barina 10 years ago and asking for "just a software update this time mate".

      Imagine going to Holden with your Barina tomorrow and asking for "just a software update this time mate".

        Or pulling up to the Holden dealership, they plug your car in "Hrmmm... I can see your problem. You're running Barina 4.6, just need to update you to 4.7 and she's sweet"

      I just wish my damn commodore clock wasn't 8 minutes out after 4 months...

    @campbellsimpson how big would the software update be in size? Just wondering if it would be easier to take back to the dealer where they probably have a hard disk shipped to them.

    And can owners update at home or is it part of a "scheduled servicing thing"

      Yes, it updates at home or anywhere (the car is always online). Then it takes 1-1½ hour for the update to install. And then the car is ready with added functionality - It's great ;-)

    New Just In....The new update actually atomizes 4WD's that don't have a distinctive outback ambiance about them...now that's smart ;)

    Wonder if you can get it to reverse park so it's easier to plug it into that wall charger.

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