Tesla's Model X Is The Fastest SUV Ever

Video: Zero to 60 miles per hour in under 3.2 seconds. Zero to 100km/h in 3.35 seconds. Zero to 160km/h in under eight seconds. The Model X, due to land on Aussie shores within a couple of months, leaves other big 4WDs like the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S and BMW X6M for dead.

DragTimes on YouTube -- a guy who actually bought a Tesla Model S P85D to film people's reactions to launches -- tested an acquaintance's fully loaded (and extremely heavy) Model X on its standing start sprints. It's even faster than the Model S itself, at least the Insane Mode P85D if not the Ludicrous P90DL. Of course, especially on an electric car, the heat of repeated launches on the battery and electric motors can lead to thermal throttling, but if you're looking to win your next traffic light Grand Prix, the Model X will do it for you.


    As a Tesla shareholder I love seeing positive things about Tesla, especially given how their shareprice is also prone to massive accelerations (though in the wrong direction.....)

    Tesla vehicles might not be the most practical EVs around - they're very expensive and out of reach for most of us - but they're totally doing it right. The best way to get people excited about the concept of EVs is to make exciting cars that can compete head-to-head with the exotics and create a 'halo effect' for the cheaper, less-interesting models.

    "The Model X, due to land on Aussie shores within a couple of months, leaves other big 4WDs like the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S and BMW X6M for dead." At least for the first 100km, after which time it will have to rest for an hour or two to recharge while the Porsches and BMWs keep on flying down the Autobahn to their destinations.

      Why do you think I mentioned the fact that heatsoak is still a big problem for electric cars? And I think you'd *really* need to put the boot in to discharge a Model S over 100km. Although, yes, I feel obliged to mention that OBVIOUSLY you'll get better range out of the 100L of petrol in a Cayenne, mostly so you don't jump down my throat.

      same could be said for a top fuel drag car.

      Not a lot of miles in the tank.
      But the adrenaline from 0-200 will make up for that, on the drag strip.

      SomeOtherIdiot, Gizmodo's resident moron living up to his name

    If they get the batteries low enough perhaps they won't roll as easily as the other SUVs...

    @campbellsimpson the hyper link takes you to the Jungle Book movie preview.
    im guessing you watched it this morning and your clipboard didnt refresh?

      Ahahaha whoops. Fixed. All YouTube links look the same before 9AM!

      (I did watch it this morning! Looks awesome.)

        I guess it was lucking you hadn’t been on the weird side of YT this morning.

        yeah i watched it as soon as it took me there. you are correct, it does look awesome.

    This is not an SUV, it does fall under the Crossover category for sharing a platform, but at best it’s a soft roader. It is more like a Subaru Outback than a traditional SUV.
    Semantics maybe, but this is massively smaller than the SUVs listed.
    Unlike the Model S, I am not a fan of the look of the Model X.

      How terms change, SUV used to refer to half-assed 4x4 lookalikes...

      Kind of baby-steps 4x4.

      Now every hard-core offroader wants to be calles SUV.

      I prefer 4x4 to stand alone above the marketing hype.

        SUV used to be more for pick up style 4x4, then as you say half arsed ones and now apparently this thing.

      It's being compared to the Cayenne and X6M, if they earn the SUV moniker then so does the Model X . All of them lack off-road capability with the wheels and tyres that are fitted from factory. If anything, electric torque vectoring of the Model X should technically make it more capable then either two that rely of differentials and grabbing brakes to gain traction in slippery conditions. Ground clearance and entry/exit angles are probably similar, can't wait to see a model X with knobbies and a lift kit doing a river crossing without a snorkel.

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    Who ever put the times for various speed needs to go back to their calculator

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