Telstra Will Have 1000Mbps 4G In Australia This Year

Telstra will upgrade its 4GX mobile network in capital cities around Australia to support the LTE Category 16 standard this year, and plans to release the world's first 4G mobile broadband hotspot capable of 1Gbps download speeds in partnership with Netgear. In tests it has already run in real-world settings, the telco has seen download speeds north of 800Mbps. Your 4G is going to get fast.

Telstra switched on its Category 9 and Category 11 carrier aggregation technologies across densely populated towers in the CBD areas of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane late last year, and released the Wi-Fi 4G Advanced III hotspot to enable download speeds of 600Mbps. As well as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, that hotspot was the fastest device both in Australia and, at the time, around the world.

And Telstra will again be the first in the world to roll out an even faster network standard, as it rolls out upgrades to its metropolitan 4G and 4GX towers and cells to enable LTE Category 16 and boost the maximum theoretical download speed to 1000Mbps. Upload speeds will see a welcome increase, too, with theoretical uplinks of 150Mbps possible on Category 16.

The new technology -- and a compatible device to access it -- will be available "later this year" according to Telstra. At first, it'll only be in metro areas but will expand in the future to cover more of the existing 3000 4G towers that Telstra currently runs. Telstra's Mike Wright says that the approach is a pragmatic one designed to affect the densest areas first. "We're building out the inner CBDs of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane -- we go to the busiest part of the network, then as devices penetrate we'll roll out further."

Telstra will be using a combination of its 700MHz, 1800MHz and 2600Mhz frequency bands -- spectrum in which it owns significant portions of 20MHz and 2x20MHz -- to link together using carrier aggregation to deliver those 1000Mbps speeds. Telstra has holdings over a wide range of spectrum, but will likely use these three as it holds the largest amount of contiguous spectrum across them.

The telco's partnership with Netgear continues, too, with the companies working together to develop the world's first LTE Category 16 hotspot. In a briefing on the device's capability at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Telstra's head of devices Andy Volard said it would add extra capability over the existing Wi-Fi 4G Advanced III (AirCard 810S) in a number of ways.

Specifically developed for Telstra, the new Netgear device will be built around the world's first application of the Qualcomm Snapdragon X16 mobile broadband modem. It will use features like 4x4 MIMO and 256QAM modulation, and will support up to 20 Wi-Fi connections simultaneously. Telstra says the device's 4300mAh battery will support all-day usage while connecting to multiple devices and transferring large amounts of data.

According to Volard, the device will be portable but won't look like any of the company's existing products. "It's kind of like a large-ish puck; the current hotspots are flat and long, but this has a brand new design, look and feel. It's going to be a mobile gateway, a mobile router." Telstra has "no plans at this stage" for a mobile broadband dongle, though.



    Now that's a quick way to use your overpriced low quota mobile data!

    So essentially, I'll pay you $80 for 7gb of data a month, and then if I really want I can use my months data 7 seconds. Sound legit Telstra, how about you upgrade my home broadband to better then 12mbps and upload of 700kbps and I'll be a little happier with you 'breakthrough'.

      Telstra haven't upgraded their broadband network significantly in years, with the NBN in full swing; you'll need to wait it out as am I since my ADSL speeds are roughly the same as yours.

      In terms of using your data in "7 seconds"—which would be insane—you would need to be right next to a tower to achieve the speeds touted by Telstra to waste 1GB/s.

      Last edited 22/02/16 1:23 pm

        Also, the speed is megabits, not megabytes, so it's actually 125MB's per second. Still 125x faster than my ADSL2+ though.

          u got that right... It's a shame Telstra (or any carrier for that matter) doesn't allow unlimited no cost data on prepaid otherwise i'd give up DSL entirely. If carriers wanna charge, then charge, but not for data packs.... they should be free..... They have more than enough money per-call costs.

            voice calls are now going via data with the new LTE voice standard which Telstra is implementing. How will the cost recovery work when all voice goes via data? Which also begs the question, why pay for voice calls when you can just skype?

        My exchange has degraded speed from 21mb to 14. Telstra's "upgrade" plan for my exchange? Wait for the NBN to take over the subscribers.

          That usually suggests an issue at the exchange or in the pits the line travels through. As they are your provider for ADSL, they are obligated to resolve issues such as line quality until the NBN has taken control of the network in your street.

            Oversubscribed and congestion are the issue. I'm still within the "variance" of line speed for my cable length, so can't do anything about it at all. Had it escalated several times, which is why I ended up with someone telling me their congestion relief plan is for people to move to NBN.

            As I've had NBN cable in my basement since the last election, with the current government doing absolutely nothing with it (presumably waiting for MTM tests instead of giving us sweet sweet FTTP), I don't see that as ever actually happening.

    It's funny how ISP's are suddenly seeing all this innovation now that the NBN is finally beginning to happen for people.

      It's even more funnier than u can reach these better speeds *not even over a copper line* Makes you wonder what the future really holds doesn't it.. and its not the NBN.

      I would have never predicted that a non-copper based wireless connection will always be *faster* than a fixed line...... Boy i was dead wrong there.... even with the latency..

      Last edited 22/02/16 6:53 pm

        It's the NBN still. If you want to go wireless, good luck with that. Have at it. While your at it, you can pay my Telstra data usage which would be:

        My current home data plan is 1TB=1024GB. And before you say I dont need it. I do, my household uses 2 netflix devices and my average daily usage for netflix alone is 8GB peaks at 15GB without considering other internet traffic such as Youtube or 4k netflix im shaped to 480 due to speed limitations..So back on track. The maths of how much you will be paying:

        Testra XL data plan=16gb/[email protected]$105+$10/1GB over.

        Cool story. $1113 a month. Thank god you're paying.

        Not to mention if residentials started dramatically using wireless data (which wont happen, see above) Telstra would litterally need to place a tower at the end of every street to ensure wireless coverage. That's because as more devices connect, the range and speed suffers significantly. But that isn't going to happen is it. Telstra are only rolling this out to the CBD's of our capital cities. wooohoooo *sarcasm*.

    I love how whenever Telstra upgrades it's network the same old tired lines about crappy quota limits and poor ADSL speeds come up. This is a great improvement in removing congestion from the network and I can't wait!

    Telstra damned if they do, damned if they don't.

      i was with telstra mobile for 3 years because the location i live in can not get a land line. After 3 years of paying $100 a month for 15GB and a whole load of excess charges i called to see if they could give me a slight increase in data. Their response was a $10 a month discount if I signed another 24 month contract, when I said that all I was after was a "reasonable" increase in data and that I would even pay more for it they offered me 25GB for $150 a month and I can take it or go with a competitor I went with the obvious choice.

      When you spend hours on the phone with Telstra only to be told they have no customer loyalty and you should go with their competitor, you have reason to be peeved with them.

      Last edited 22/02/16 1:23 pm

      Its not an "upgrade". An upgrade implies my service will be upgraded. It is not. It is a small new network, only in the CBD of our capital cities. Which is less than 1% of our nations coverage. You might want to hold off cracking the champaign! It isnt that impressive. The news of the new standard a few years ago, was impressive. A very small rollout, is not.

      Last edited 23/02/16 3:29 pm

    I won't damn them if they increase their download quotas

      Which they consistently done over the years.

        I don't know about consistently. They reduced the quotas on their mobile phone plans a couple of years ago while ostensibly increasing the call quota (which was a false increase anyway, they increased the call 'cap' dollar amount, but increased the cost of calls at the same time).

        So yeah, they've overall increased their download quotas, but have at times decreased them also.

    Let's say you have 5Gb allowance, and are charged at the normal $10 per extra GB, and somehow you've figured a way to max out your shiny new Netgear Hotspot for 1 month straight.

    So at the conservative speed of 100MB/s, that is 1GB every 10 seconds, which is equal to $1 per second... $3.6k an hour. $86.4k a day. $2,592,000 per month.

    Oops, I forgot to calculate for the 5GB monthly allowance. That means you only have to pay: $2,591,950!

    Just imagine if someone from overseas comes and roams on the Telstra network!

      That's a bit shy of 260 PetaByte a month. What you trying to do? Run your own ISP?

    now that's fast.. I'm getting sick of Vodafone always thinking they have good coverage in an given area, when they clearly don't


    Last edited 23/02/16 1:07 pm

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