Telstra Is Giving Away Unlimited Mobile Data Today

Yesterday afternoon, Telstra suffered a massive outage across its 3G and 4G networks which left thousands of people without mobile phone coverage. The telco has since issued an apology along with a promise of "free data" for all Telstra Mobile customers. Here are the details.

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Telstra has announced it will give away free data this Sunday (14 February) as compensation for Tuesday's mass outage. The free data will be offered to all Telstra Mobile customers with any excess data usage automatically deducted from users' bills.

"While the outage was short in duration we fully realise the impact it had on our customers, which is why we are offering all of our customers a day of free mobile data this Sunday," Telstra explained in a statement.

To receive the free data, customers are not required to do anything — instead, the telco will automatically switch off data billing for every mobile customer (no word on whether this includes resellers like Boost Mobile.) Normal billing will resume on Monday 15 February.

The country-wide outage was reportedly caused by a network core switch restart following technical issues with a major connection point in the network. This resulted in significant congestion across the mobile network and problems with customers' mobile voice and data nationally.

Telstra's chief operations officer Kate McKenzie said she was "incredibly disappointed the outage occurred and deeply sorry for the inconvenience we caused."

A free day of unlimited mobile data sounds like a pretty fun challenge to us. You could see how many Netflix series you can binge-watch over LTE in 24 hours. Or maybe go on a free app downloading frenzy with your phone's WiFi disabled. Or keep refreshing Lifehacker every second. Might as well get your money's worth, eh?

On the downside, we suspect there will be a lot of congestion on Telstra's network come Sunday due to a spike in usage. Ironically, this makeup gift could end up causing more complaints than the original outage. Whoops.

Meanwhile, upstart rival Kogan Mobile has slashed 70 per cent off its 30-day prepaid mobile plans in the wake of the Telstra snafu. (Story here.)

"Need a reliable network? Kogan Mobile is firing on all cylinders and currently has a 70% Off promo," Ruslan Kogan teased via Twitter. Cheeky.

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    So, if all Telstra users try to connect and use free data this Sunday, and we can't get on because the network is congested, will Telstra apologise again and offer customers another day of free data? #infiniteLoopOfFreeTelstraData

    Mighty big talk from Kogan, since Kogan Mobile runs off the Vodafone network...

      Never let being honest about your networks reliability get in the way of picking up a few thousand new customers.

    will be good to have some hot spot fun :D

    will see if i can still get 99mb down

    Cool, considering I pay something around $250 for 42GB of data on 4G every month for home internet, I could actually get a reasonable amount of usage for that amount this month

      Depending on where you live, you should look into Optus' Home Wireless Broadband (as long as you have the appropriate 4G coverage in your area). It's $70 for 50GB. I have 2 of them.

      You won't be getting the 50-100Mbps you'd expect from either carrier's 4G network, but I get a solid 5Mbps (and if you live in a 2.3GHz area, you'll get 12).

      I'd better save some data for this Sunday though, because from the sounds of it, my mobile phone is going to be near unusable...

    would be nice to access but 3G where i live is too patchy.

    For the first time in history my upload speed (9.56Mbps) is faster as my download speed (2.09Mbps)...

    The FAQ says it does apply to Boost. Also BigPond mobile broadband customers.

    Too bad the network was saturated (as expected though), my ADSL2+ connection was actually faster than LTE for once.

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