Update: Sydney's Light Rail Construction Road Closures

Construction for the new CBD and South East Light Rail network with start near Sydney's The Rocks region on 11 March and continue for the rest of 2016, Transport for NSW has announced. This means traffic changes for the area. Here is everything you need to know.

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  • George Street will be closed to southbound traffic from Alfred Street to Grosvenor Street from March 2016 to December 2016
  • A single northbound lane will be open to general traffic from Alfred Street to Grosvenor Street to allow access into The Rocks
  • No westbound traffic will be permitted on Alfred Street from Pitt Street to George Street (buses, coaches and taxis are excepted)
  • Transport for NSW said in a statement it is "working closely with the residential, tourist and business community to ensure The Rocks remains a great place to live, work and visit during and after light rail construction."

    A drop-in session for businesses and residents is being held on Wednesday 2 March where representatives from Transport for NSW and ALTRAC Light Rail will be answering questions about the timing of the work, access to roads and parking, freight and delivery services, support for businesses and travel planning.

    "The CBD and South East Light Rail will provide high capacity and reliable public transport from Circular Quay, through the CBD, to Kingsford and Randwick via Surry Hills, Moore Park and Kensington," Transport for NSW stated.

    The light rail is expected to be ready for commuters in 2019.

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      I applaud any attempt to improve public transport in Sydney. Yet...

      The light rail will result in the magnificent centuries old trees that line Moore Park being lost.

      If they wanted the CBD to be a better place for everyone they would ban all vehicles except for public transport, delivery vehicles in the early hours of the morning, and emergency vehicles.

      BTW I visited the Banagaroo district for the first time last week and, not unsurprisingly, its a lost opportunity. A boring walkway with the harbour of one side and bland high-rise on the other.

      Sadly it's typical of what economic rationalism can ever give.

        We had a monorail but it was destined to fail because the original plan to have it go to Circular Quay and other locations of convenience was scrapped at the final stages of approval. Had they kept to the original plans and made the thing easy to use.. might have been able to avoid all of this light rail nonsense.

      I hear they're relocating some trees at Randwick. Call me a hippy but this makes me happy and want to dance nonsensically to trance music while waving gluten free glow sticks.

      Is that what Sydney's CBD looks like? I have a headache...

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