Sydney, Melbourne And Brisbane Rent Maps Show Differences Between Suburbs

No one's bought a house in Sydney for years, it's impossible. Everyone knows that. Melbourne isn't far behind and the rest of the country will catch up eventually. So with the population renting perpetually, who has it the worst? The best? has the answer.

Late last year, the site released a bunch of train line-based diagrams showing the average weekly rent paid for various suburbs. Alex Lee over at BuzzFeed crunched the numbers and unsurprisingly, Sydney remains the most expensive city for renters, with Melbourne coming a not-so-close second:

According to the map, the most expensive Sydney suburb to rent is in Milson's Point on the north shore at $381 per week for a room. At $171 a week, the cheapest suburb is Mount Druitt in Sydney's west ... Sydney is 31% more expensive than Melbourne, 42% more expensive than Brisbane, Canberra and Perth and 63% higher than in Adelaide.

Yeah for Adelaide!

If you'd like to see the maps for yourself, here are Sydney and Melbourne. Click for larger versions, unless you like reading really tiny text:

[, via BuzzFeed]

Diagrams: Top image: Phil Whitehouse / Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0



    Is there a brisbane map?

      Yep! Link here, which includes a higher rez PDF version. Good stuff!

        Thanks for the link. It appears that outside the inner city suburbs rent per room pricing is all between that 150-180 mark. The further out you are doesn't mean cheaper rent (by the room).

    According to the diagram, Leumeah is actually cheaper than Mount Druitt.

    Show me where I can get a 1 bedroom place in Yeronga for $176/w rofl

      I believe it is the price for a room - not the whole apartment. Makes sense as I think it is from a website that helps you find flat mates.

        Pretty much, you are sharing every other facility in the house (kitchen, bathroom etc) with flatmates so the cost will be priced accordingly. These flats will typically be 3 or more bedrooms so will be housing more people. If you had 3 people, the total cost of renting would be $528/week.

        A 1 bedroom apartment will be priced based on your sole access to the minimum required facilities (ie more than the per room cost)

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