SlySoft, Makers Of AnyDVD, Shut Down After 'Regulatory' Pressure

SlySoft, best known for its DRM circumvention software AnyDVD, appears to have shut down operations, going by the terse message left on its website. "Recent regulatory requirements" are apparently the reason for the closure.

This post was originally published by Lifehacker Australia.

Even "terse" is too strong a word. The site itself is gone, with the following text left in its place:

Due to recent regulatory requirements we have had to cease all activities relating to SlySoft Inc. We wish to thank our loyal customers/clients for their patronage over the years.

The company's official forums are still up however, where SlySoft employee "Tom" was able to provide slightly more information:

Hi all,

We were not allowed to respond to any request nor to post any statement, but now it is official ... I am really sorry for that, but this is final. SlySoft is gone...

Thanks to all our customers and supporters for their loyalty.

Goodbye red fox...


While SlySoft's applications won't suddenly stop working, it might be time to consider alternatives. gHacks has a solid list complied, if you'd like to check it out.

SlySoft [Official site, via gHacks]

Image: Dean Hochman / Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0



    Why don't these companies run their businesses in countries that don't care what they do.

    Great. What becomes of those who use AnyDVD to play imports on their PCs?

    Oh that's right; we don't exist, only pirates use AnyDVD, according to right holder logic.

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      You mean you circumvent geoblocking by buying foreign imports? For shame, you know the poor distribution companies can't survive without their Australia Tax.
      I love my AnyDVD

        Sorry, I forgot myself there. I forgot that the world is an open market and it's a bad thing to the pay for goods that are not available in Australia or have been cut down to the nonsensical.


          Yeah, we can't be trusted to make our own decisions ;)

      MakeMkv has a good Bluray Decrypting library that you can use with VLC or Kodi on Windows or Linux

        I know. But using it will get me fined 300,000+ for each use if I'm caught.

        I'm self employed so no-doubt the rights holders will trying to press corporate charges on me.

    I will miss Virtual Clonedrive.

      deamonTools does the same thing.

      All these tools do the same,,, yet people focus on whats happened as a sad reason, as it the end of the world a software goes offline, if there are alternatives that do the same thing.

      How can you miss something that isn't going anywhere?

      Virtual Clone Drive is from Elby not Slysoft.

    Oh crap, I wish I had downloaded the latest version.

      you can still download the latest version using google

    Although sad to these these guys go... as AnyDVD were good.... but its not like their the only ones to decypt Blue-ray's either...

    I'd have to admit AnyDVD HD (perpetual licence) was one of the best programs I ever bought. Clean UI, intuitive and it 'just worked'.

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    Looks like Slysofy is rebranding as RedFox. I found this surprisingly on LifeHacker;

    AnyDVD's longevity under the new structure remains to be seen, but it's good to see it make a return.

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      Cheers ok. Got me out of a pickle.

    yeah,Slysoft likely to continue as RedFox, But I still worrying whether it can continue to operate under the supervision of AACS .May be We should try DVDFab passkey.

    The below 2 links are the latest in that continuing saga.
    They're just LOCKING threads when anyone questions how the SlySoft demise went down.

    This other one states they can't make a separate access to the v1 OPD for the LifeTime License users, (LTL) even though they admit they're working on a v2 OPD for the newer program updates.
    (OPD is the Online Protection Database, used to get the decryption key of BD+ disks... etc)

    (See the 2nd page of that post, it's asking the new CEO to reply, but they say there isn't any CEO)
    (So, who is making the decisions now? ... No one is willing to say how, or who makes them)
    (That in itself is sounding shady...!)

    My theory now is, they had this planned long ago, to simply use the Corporate Law that the old company is dead, and can't honor the old LTL

    But may simply be a SCAM to get another quick 2 million Euros per each 40,000 new LTLs at 49 Euro each....then simply vanish again several months later.

    I don't think this original boss is actually gone.
    I find it strange that he just 'ran away' and left the servers running, or left access to them by his former employees.

    Why not just destroy the servers, or take them with him when he left?
    It's because it was planned to shutdown the SlySoft name, to nullify the LTL obligation to continue, and to SCAM all the customers into making new purchases...then start with a new name...RedFox....and continue the SCAM.

    There's no assurances to the customer this all won't happen again, and the way they're all acting on the forum by locking threads asking questions about this, makes it look even worse for them.

    This all sounds very shady, and it's sounding as if it's also possible they killed the old boss, buried his body, and figured they'd get a fast 2 million Euros making new licenses... Ha Ha... :)

    Hey, anything is possible now, given they still act as if he's actually still there giving the orders to them. They're keeping his same policies of business, and using the SlySoft is dead argument to carry it out.

    Mark my'll soon see the company dissolve again, after the 40,000 new yearly licenses are sold, and they have a quick 2 million Euros, or shortly after that.

    This smells like a scam of the worst kind.
    It smells like it was the work of the original owner who's calling himself 'RedFox 1' on the forum. A 74 YearOld 'super moderator' who's the same age as the original owner.
    It smells like it's an A-Team scam, since RedFox 1 likes that old show so much, as he mentioned in another forum post.

    How do they think we won't think anything otherwise, since they summarily dismiss the original LTL customers by not also giving the same 50% discount as the newest SlySoft LTL buyers.
    It's this that makes me think it's only to get another 2 or so million euros so this RedFox 1 guy can retire to where ever he'd like to go with his son, as his profile on the forum says.

    I think the SlySoft team felt sorry for the old owner and he made a deal with them, to get this last money-grab for him, by keeping the company going with updates until the 2 million comes in, so he can recoup for all the money he lost fighting the law suits, and then he'll give the business over to the developers (original team) to continue it.

    But this original team doesn't know, this will finally kill the business when all this comes to light, and everyone is disillusioned by this scam taking place.

      As soon as I read this I thought it was corporate greed - SCAMMING new life subs (I had 3 lifetime subs - the last one just to show my appreciation) They wont be getting any more out of me!
      Belize has the same laws to protect copyright as the USA ... it just smell so much like bullshit!

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