Shooting Challenge: Who Won The Nikon D7200 DSLR And Lens?

After loads of entries and hundreds of votes, it's time to unveil the winner of our latest shooting challenge. The winner will take home the fantastic Nikon D7200 DSLR and a lens, together valued at $1,750!

The challenge was to create an amazing low light photo, a space where the Nikon D7200 excels. But you didn't need the newest or most expensive gear, as composition and creativity are critical in this style of photography!

You can still check out the best of the dozens of entries here. There can be only one winner, however, and this time it is...

Raffy Halim

Having only moved to Perth a couple of weeks ago, I took this challenge as an opportunity to explore my new city.     I happened to stumble onto South Perth by accident and was blown away by the skyline (also blew the highlights on my long exposure!)While the skyline itself was quite dazzling, I wanted to contrast it with the dark and moody park bench in the foreground.     I wanted to take a few more shots with slightly different compositions, but there were a lot of diners nearby at the Food trucks and I didn’t want to look like too much of a creep.     Also, I just wanted some of the tasty smelling treats from the Food truck myself!

Congratulations Raffy! We'll be emailing you soon.

Raffy has nabbed the awesome Nikon D7200 DSLR with an AF-S DX 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens. A camera and lens setup perfect for low light photography.

We've reviewed the Nikon D7200 previously, and found it the best non-professional DSLR on the market. It boasts a 24.2 Megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor, combined with a 51 focus points to deliver incredibly sharp low-light images. And once you've taken your pictures, you can enjoy them on the crystal clear 1229k-dot 3.2in LCD screen, or share them with Wifi and NFC.

The AF-S DX 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens is a perfect companion for the D7200. The 18-140mm focus range allows for incredible creativity, from wide angle landscape shots, through portraiture and telephoto snaps, all in a compact lens size. Even better, the built-in Vibration Reduction will allow you to shoot handheld at shutter speeds up to four stops lower than other lenses — perfect for low-light conditions.

Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations again to our winners. Make sure you join us for the next challenge!


    Congratulations Raffy! Enjoy the new camera. Now go down there again and take the same photo with your new gear and also get some of those treats to celebrate.

      Thanks Dr Stef! It hasn't arrived yet.

      (Sorry for the late reply - was having issues logging in til now- realised all password reset emails were going to Spam!)

    Hey congrats ma, welcome to team nikon!

      Thanks! Keep hearing good things about it so will see how it performs once it gets here!

    Congrats Raff! and welcome to Perth.

    I actually welcome the new voting system, it brings it back somewhat to what the competition should be about, photography! not about how many friends you have.

      Thanks Cazman - I remember entering one of the challenges years ago and it did seem quite different as to how it was judged!

    Thanks so much! Super excited to play with the new camera! Will be posting photos up on my instagram @raffyhalim


      Well done Raffy. Now can I have your old camera so I can stop using my phone in competitions? ;) Great shot.

        Hey - don't knock the phone photos! I've had several of my mobile shots featured/sold in various places!

    Thats an amazing skyline shot, Raffy! Well done. I shoot with the D7000 and am trying to find a great DX lens for a Euro trip coming up. Not brining the tripod so wondering if 18-140 f3.5 would do? Anyone's thoughts are certainly welcome.


      Or the 18-105mm which may come in cheaper with little to no trade off. Alternatively also look at the 70-200 in either sigma or Nikon and the 55-200 vr ii

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