Servicing A Classic Omega Watch Is Like Watching Mechanical Brain Surgery

Servicing a Classic Omega Watch Is Like Watching Mechanical Brain Surgery

Video: Smartwatches might finally be outselling traditional mechanical watches, but that doesn't mean Swiss watchmakers are going away any time soon. The legendary horological creations from Switzerland are mechanical masterpieces. And watching the 234 components inside this Omega Speedmaster that Hodinkee filmed getting serviced is an amazing behind-the-scenes peek inside a watch that's as much a gadget as it is a work of art.


    Beautiful watches. Omega is definitely my favourite brand.

    It is great to see a competant watchmaker demonstrate his knowledge and skillsets.

    But how can my Omega service centre demand $500 for a service and mainspring replacement on that same watch ?

    It is opportunistic pricing.

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      If you're getting that done through the Swatch group, that sounds like the complete overhaul service. A mainspring swap on that model with a Swiss certified mechanic should be about an hour labour $100 and a spring $100.

      Then again you could sell it on ebay and put the 500 toward a new one?

    To work with watches like this, you must have a lot of time on your hands.

      I guess in this industry, you'd be watching the clock all day.

        I couldn't do it. It would tick me off too much

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