See How History Inspired Horror In The Other Side Of The Door

Video: If you experienced the unimaginable loss of a child, what would you do to make the pain go away? That’s the question at the centre of the new horror film The Other Side of the Door, and we’ve got an exclusive sneak peak.

In this exclusive featurette, the film’s producer Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes, Mirrors, Horns) talks about the true life, historical basis for the film including actual Indian beliefs about speaking with the dead, and a real temple where some people believe they can do just that.

In The Other Side of the Door, a mother and father (Walking Dead‘s Sarah Wayne Callies and Clueless‘ Jeremy Sisto) tragically lose their son. So when an ancient Indian temple offers them the opportunity to speak with him one last time, they go for it. There’s just one caveat — they can’t open the door. So guess what they do? They open the door.

Speaking of opening, The Other Side of the Door arrives in the US on March 4. No information yet as to an Australian release.