Samsung Will Unveil The Galaxy S7 In Three Weeks

Samsung loves turning a phone launch into a literal song and dance, and it looks like the launch of "The Next Galaxy" will be more of the same. According to a teaser video just published, Samsung's next phone(s) will be unveiled February 21 in Barcelona. The timing and location are designed to overshadow Mobile World Congress, the smartphone trade show that's held every year in Barcelona. The show starts on February 22, so the idea is for Samsung to get MWC's biggest launch over before things officially start.

According to the usual smorgasbord of believable and awful leaks, you can expect that Samsung will be releasing a Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, most likely along with various Mini, Plus and Active versions. Notable changes from last year are said to include a pressure-sensitive screen, external storage and Qualcomm's fast-charging technology.



    I've been a happy user since the S5 was released. Hopefully, the S7 will be a better phone in general.

    I hope its at lease water resistant like the s5... This is why I purchased the s5 over s6....

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