Ricoh's New Action Cam Captures 204 Degrees Of Your Escapades

Ricoh's New Action Cam Captures 204 Degrees of Your Escapades

If you want to capture as much of your action as possible, Ricoh's new WG-M2 might be for you: It shoots 4K video across a frankly ridiculous 204-degree field of view. An update to the WG-M1, the new camera is 40 per cent lighter and smaller than its predecessor while also being pretty tough — it will withstand freezing temperatures, knocks and scrapes, and is waterproof to 20m. In terms of shooting specs, it can capture 4K video at 30 frames per second, 1080p at 60fps and 720p at 120fps. If you use it to shoot stills it will capture 8 megapixels and there's a small 1.5" LCD to help you frame your snaps. The ultra-wide field of view can be narrowed, too, which simultaneously gives the camera enough breathing room to stabilise the images it captures.

The wide field of view sets it apart from cameras by GoPro, so if you need to capture more action the WG-M2 could be a good option. It goes on sale in the US in April for $US300 ($416). No word yet on Australian pricing or availability.


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