Tesla Now Has A Model S For Kids

Rich Kids in Tiny Tesla Model S Ride-ons Will Now Be Looking Down on You Too

What you're really paying for when you buy an electric car like the Tesla Model S isn't the savings on fuel, or even the whisper quiet ride. You're paying for the ability to be smug and self-righteous to drivers in petrol-powered cars, and now even little kids can start making others feel guilty about driving a petrol-guzzler. Tesla Motors teamed up with Radio Flyer -- the company most famous for its red metal wagons -- to create a miniature version of the Model S that uses similar battery technology to achieve a top speed of 9km/h. Before you start to consider it as a cheaper alternative to a real Tesla Model S, keep in mind this $US500 ($697) version -- shipping some time in May -- can only support drivers up to 37kg. And it currently only ships to the US as well.

Almost every last detail of Radio Flyer's Tesla Model S is borrowed from the full-sized car, including the turbine-inspired hub caps, the working headlights, the colour options, the battery charging port and even the optional $US50 ($70) indoor car cover.

Rich Kids in Tiny Tesla Model S Ride-ons Will Now Be Looking Down on You Too

Other options include a more powerful battery offering about 50 per cent more run time, and even a custom vanity licence plate in case you weren't 100 per cent sure if your kid driving around a tiny replica Tesla Model S wasn't already obnoxious enough.

[Radio Flyer via Electrek]



    Hate it when everything takes so long just to get to Australia, and when they do get here, we either ban them, just because, or scale down the performance and size by half.

    This model s for kids will be rollerskates by the time it reaches our shores...

    Can you get the big one with the large steering wheel and sunroof?

    What is up with the author? The way this story is written is the embodiment of tall poppy syndrome.

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