Report: Major Apple Manufacturer Foxconn Has Bought Sharp For $6.2 Billion

Report: Major Apple Manufacturer Foxconn Has Bought Sharp For $US6.2 ($9) Billion

Foxconn is best known as the sometimes-controversial Taiwanese manufacturer used by Apple to assemble iPhones. Sharp is an ailing Japanese company that used to make plasma TVs, and now makes iPhone displays. The Nikkei Asian Review reports that Sharp's board has accepted a $US6.2 billion buyout from Foxconn. Normally, component manufacturers changing hands isn't a big deal, but given Apple's strong ties to both Foxconn and Sharp, it's worth taking a moment.

Foxconn doesn't currently manufacture iPhone components -- it takes shipments of screens, chips and sensors and turns them into Snapchatting machines. Apple doesn't technically own Foxconn, but with the size of the contracts between the two, it's assumed they have a rather cordial working relationship.

Sharp is one of the primary manufacturers of iPhone displays, one of the hardest-to-source and most crucial components. Apple's had supply problems in the past, so with this acquisition, it's made its flow of components a little easier to control.




    I swear nearly all entertainment devices in my childhood house were Sharp.. I hadn't noticed that the brand had pretty much disappeared since. What happened?

      I think the areas they sold to consumers in became heavily commoditised and margins very tight, especially with the rise of China as a manufacturing powerhouse. If it wasn't for their camera tech and the PlayStation Sony may well be in a similar situation.

      I do see their name pop up pretty frequently when it comes to component use in iPhones etc.

    SHARP never made Plasma tv's . SHARP were the LCD tv pioneers and the heavy hitters in LCD panel production and quality. Long before LG & Samsung ever were involved.
    Plus SHARP's massive LCD manufacturing plant in JAPAN makes business sense.

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