Rancher Finds Nokia Phone More Than A Decade After Losing It In A Pasture

Rancher Finds Nokia Phone More Than a Decade After Losing It in a Pasture

Missy B was bummed when she lost her Nokia 3410 in a pasture while working cattle. Then she used the opportunity to upgrade to a super sweet Motorola Razr V3… because it was 2005 or 2004. She's not sure. Cut to this year when one of her employees found the phone while working cattle in the exact same field. Missy won't be able to see what rad texts she was sending during the Bush administration. The buttons have completely eroded and that black and grey behind the screen is mould.

Also she can't find her charger.

Would the famously indestructible Nokia still work if she did? "I think it's past the point of working," she told Gizmodo.

Prove it Missy. Prove it.

Rancher Finds Nokia Phone More Than a Decade After Losing It in a Pasture



    Come on, really? Person finds old phone that no longer works, better post that!

    I found a philips fizz in the junk drawer at home the other day. Where's my article?

    if it actually worked this would be an interesting story worth writing about.

      That's what I thought the punch line was going to be, what let down...

      Last edited 12/02/16 4:57 pm

    find this less impressive than the fact I have a friend who's still using a Nexus S - a five year old phone that he's carted around in his pocket everyday and it doesn't have so much as a cracked screen.

    I've got a 13-year old Nokia 3330 that still works. It hasn't seen a SIM card in quite some time but every now and then I charge it. Just cos.

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