Plantronics' BackBeat Pro+ Headphones Are Out In Australia Now

Plantronics' original BackBeat Pro was a great pair of headphones that combined Bluetooth, quality active noise cancelling and an impressively large rechargeable battery. The new BackBeat Pro+, out in Australia now, further refines that idea -- and adds a hi-fi wireless USB adapter that turns the headphones into a capable PC headset.

The new BackBeat Pro+ doesn't change a great deal from the original -- it looks nearly identical and has the same 24-hour battery life -- but bundles in the new BT600 USB Bluetooth adapter. If you have a Bluetooth Class 1 device -- like that BT600 -- then you should expect a range of 50 metres wireless connection from the BackBeat Pro+ in otherwise good conditions.

The BackBeat Pro+'s noise cancelling has to be its biggest selling feature -- it's really effective. But if they're following the same trend as the original, they'll sound pretty damn good at the same time. Plantronics has a deal with Officeworks to distribute its new noise-cancelling cans.

At $419 they're not cheap, but you'll be making an investment in a pair of headphones you can use at home, in the office, and on the commute in between. [Plantronics]