Plantronics' BackBeat Pro+ Headphones Are Out In Australia Now

Plantronics' original BackBeat Pro was a great pair of headphones that combined Bluetooth, quality active noise cancelling and an impressively large rechargeable battery. The new BackBeat Pro+, out in Australia now, further refines that idea -- and adds a hi-fi wireless USB adapter that turns the headphones into a capable PC headset.

The new BackBeat Pro+ doesn't change a great deal from the original -- it looks nearly identical and has the same 24-hour battery life -- but bundles in the new BT600 USB Bluetooth adapter. If you have a Bluetooth Class 1 device -- like that BT600 -- then you should expect a range of 50 metres wireless connection from the BackBeat Pro+ in otherwise good conditions.

The BackBeat Pro+'s noise cancelling has to be its biggest selling feature -- it's really effective. But if they're following the same trend as the original, they'll sound pretty damn good at the same time. Plantronics has a deal with Officeworks to distribute its new noise-cancelling cans.

At $419 they're not cheap, but you'll be making an investment in a pair of headphones you can use at home, in the office, and on the commute in between. [Plantronics]

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    Can you easily connect more than one device at a time though?
    I recently picked up the BackBeat Go and was amazed at how bad it was compared to my Revo wireless when it came to switching between devices.
    The revo just worked, with the Plantronics I had to manually connect the device I wanted to switch to.

    At that price point, I'd be more inclined to pick up a pair of Parrot Zik headphones - can anyone provide a comparison between the two ?
    The battery life seems to be an obvious one, but other than that, not seeing anything that stands out, and the noise cancelling on the Ziks is awesome.
    Was wearing them one evening, listening to some quiet music and there was a light background noise that I couldn't quite place.
    After taking the headphones off, I soon realised there was a full blown storm going on, with the raining hammering down on the roof.

      Ziks compared to Bose QC25?

        I've never had the pleasure of the QC25's, but should I ever encounter both of them in a shop with a copious amount of cash to spend, it would be a long loooong considered choice.
        I think the QC's are lighter on the head, and on that basis might win out as the Zik is a pretty solid headpiece with a weight to match.

          I had QC25, but sold them as I got QC20 (earphones) purely because I used it on the train and like to sleep against a window (and wear glasses). Apart from that, the QC25 were bloody awesome and comfortable. Yes it was an expensive exercise, but did manage to get most of my money back on the QC25.

          I'll see if I can find a Zik somewhere in a store and try them out. Haven't seen any in Sydney so far.

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