OnePlus' US$250 OnePlus X Is Finally Up For Sale To Everyone

OnePlus' $US250 glass-and-metal OnePlus X is finally off its exclusive and restrictive invite system, meaning you can now buy it like any other phone. The OnePlus X packs in some very respectable smartphone guts for an impressively low price, making it a pretty good choice if you're looking for a budget phone and if you're not afraid to do a bit of tweaking to get its software just the way you want.

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You can order the phone directly from the company if you use a mail-forwarding service in Australia, at least, although you'll have to pay a little more in shipping to get the US$250 OnePlus X landed on your doorstep. This is because OnePlus still doesn't think Australia is, y'know, a country -- the only Asia-Pacific options listed in its online store are Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Since the Android-toting OnePlus X is competing with mid-range phones from Samsung, Motorola and LG that are a couple of hundred dollars more expensive, going through that extra hassle could well turn out to be worth the effort for you. [OnePlus]



    Nope. Would not touch that. After they failed to get the touch screen working properly for over 6 months on their initial phone they are going to have to do a lot of convincing. It's the primary input and it's not right? Really?

    Also the stupid lottery, ticket, pre order thing is ridiculous.

      yeah that's all a way to gather hype, making the misconception of limited supply.

      I was looking at getting the phone for my wife as her HTC 7Mate is about to die (and living with a cracked screen) but at nearly $500 inc postage and exchange rates, it's just as easy to get her a phone that's already here and will run LTE speeds.

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