OK Go's Fun New Music Video Was Filmed On A Zero-G Aircraft

OK Go's Fun New Music Video Was Filmed on a Zero-G Aircraft

Video: The alt-rock band that made "viral music videos" a thing with treadmill gymnastics and Rube Goldberg machines on YouTube is back. This time, OK Go is busting open pinatas in zero gravity. To shoot the music video for their new single, "Upside Down & Inside Out" (released directly to Facebook earlier today), the band boarded an S7 Airlines zero-gravity aeroplane, and what follows is single-shot madness that had to include at least one pukey outtake.

The video features somersaulting flight attendants, spiralling laptops, a swarm of bouncy balls and exploding pinatas. I can't stop watching it. Well done, guys.

[OK Go Facebook]

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    Best achievement Nasa ever did was this aircraft

      It isn't the NASA one, it is good old S7 airlines.

    It's a shame that the article title uses the correct term "zero g" while the article itself uses the wrong term "zero gravity". Zero-g is NOT the same as zero gravity.

    People should just ditch these 2 terms altogether and just say "microgravity" to avoid confusion.

      The gravity vector relative to the plane was zero.

      You won't find zero gravity any where.

      Actually "free fall" would be even more appropriate. Gravity is neither zero nor micro.
      Of course "free fall" when skydiving is not the same at all as they stop accelerating pretty quickly. Language is tricky.

    For those who don't use facebook:
    and the behind the scenes data:

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