Now Japan Has A Stealth Fighter Too

Now Japan Has a Stealth Fighter Too

This is the X-2, Japan's first domestically produced stealth fighter. Despite its not-so-stealthy paint job, it's said to effectively avoid the gaze of enemy radar systems. The X-2 — previously known as ATD-X, for Advanced Technology Demonstrator X — was manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for the the Japan Air Self-Defence Force. The primary goal is to replace the country's ageing fleet of fighter aircraft, and because Japan (or anybody else) cannot purchase Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptors, they developed their own aircraft with similar characteristics, spending $US440 ($621) million so far.

The Japanese Ministry of Defence showed off the aeroplane at Nagoya Airport in Toyoyama this week. X-2 is expected to make its maiden flight sometime after mid-February. If all goes to plan, Japan will be the fourth nation to fly its own stealth fighter jet — joining a club currently made up of the US, Russia and China.

Now Japan Has a Stealth Fighter Too
Now Japan Has a Stealth Fighter Too
Now Japan Has a Stealth Fighter Too

Photos: Emily Wang/AP


    Can we get a picture after it's transformed into a mecha too? I feel like this is some lazy journalism without it..

    Last edited 30/01/16 9:10 pm

      +100000 !!!!
      Pictures after transformation... preferably a video as well of the transformation process.

    Yeah, "similar characteristics" to the Raptor? In a fantasy story maybe. Use your eyes- The engine sizes are pretty tiny, this thing is more like a cut down version of the original F-18 hornets with some slight changes that make it similar to the superhornets, like the squaring of the intakes.

    Right now though it's nothing but a testbed.

      If it's a cut down version on the f18 rather than the f22, least it'll be able to fly in the rain.

    Looks like the Iranian designer has been doing some contract work...

    How does the stealth function work? The American stealth bomber is covered in angles to avoid reflecting Radar back at the receiver, Even the engines are recessed to prevent the engine geometry from allowing a target.

    This just looks like... a plane.

      Doesn't matter what the outside shape is, if it's transparent to radar. They can put what ever shapes and angles they want so that radar signals are reflected away from the transmitter, while maintaining a smooth aerodynamic profile on the outside.

      Look at the b2 spirit than the f117 wildly different designs. One smooth one angular but both are stealth capable.

      Last edited 02/02/16 3:30 pm

    You forgot Brazil. They have a "homemade " stealth fighter too!

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