No Amount Of Training Can Prepare Plastic Army Men For A Molten Copper Attack

No Amount of Training Can Prepare Plastic Army Men For a Molten Copper Attack

Video: There's a reason they call it basic training. Because while the Army can teach new recruits how to march, hold a gun and do push-ups, it unfortunately couldn't give this battalion of green plastic army men the know-how to survive a surprise attack from molten copper.

These tiny soldiers bravely held their ground against their unrelenting molten foe, but there's still going to be a hundred or so green plastic purple hearts issued once this battlefield cools.

[YouTube via Laughing Squid]


    i still remember watching a video of some guy angry about the changes to the warhammer game that he set fire to all his minatures, 1000's up in noxious smoke

    The best part of these useless demonstrations is the toxic fumes emanating from the plastics as they burn. Yay! Who needs to breathe clean air anyway? I bet their neighbours hate them.

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