New 'Ghostbusters' Images Have Been Released


    Bet you the second image is when they talk about the possibility of catching ghosts and starting a business doing so. The nest three seem to be them looking at something. Maybe the firehouse that becomes their HQ? The last one seems to be him telling them he is the god of thunder and not to mess with him as he is incognito for the Avengers.

    So... I'm slightly confused. Do we know yet if this is a remake/reboot, or is it a sequel set in the same universe as the first 2 movies?

    The reason I ask is, Chris Hemsworth's character is clearly dressed to evoke the memory of Janine Melnitz (Annie Potts) from the first film, which leads me to think that maybe it's a gender-swapped remake/reboot.

      Yeah, but what's the bet, he's treated as a sex object, and there's at least one joke about having a hot looking male receptionist. Probably from McCarthy.
      original ghostbusters made no such reference. Only the budding romance between nerds.
      Ok for the women to ogle the man and treat him as a sexy receptionist, but as we know, not the other way around

    Some of the original actors will be making cameos as different characters, so I would assume it is a remake/reboot.

    I really hope this movie dies.

    Why ruin something that is great.

      You know that the original movie will still exist, right? And that it's not going to be any different?

      If they were travelling back in time to make this movie instead of the original one you'd have a point.

        It's going to be terrible. This movie represent sjw porn.

          It's going to be terrible

          How do you know that? I mean some people have reservations about the casting, but I don't think that alone is enough to know it's going to be terrible. People thought Heath Ledger being cast as the Joker meant TDK was going to be terrible.

          This movie represent sjw porn.

          Firstly, I have no idea what the hell that is supposed to mean. Also there have only been a few pictures released. No trailers. How do you know what it "represents"?

      It looks terrible, but having said that, McCarthy and Wiig are quite funny. Just a shame that idiot Hemsworth's in it. He couldn't act his way out of a grade 2 nativity play.

        Thats how I feel about McCarthy. Generally un-funny hack!

    i hope Melissa McCarthy doesnt play the same old typecast character as usual. i cant handle the fat, bumbling, awkward, naive, "funny" woman that she plays in every movie ever. most of my ability to enjoy this movie will be based on how they've cast her.

    New 'Ghostbusters' Images Have Been Released
    And they all look really terrible. This movie has got mega flop written all over it.

    thanks for releasing the images, Now i know not to waste money on going to see it.

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