New Comedy Has Simpsons Cred And A Killer Premise

New Comedy Has Simpsons Cred And A Killer Premise

IFC is getting in on the current witch/Satan/hellfire trend with an eight-episode order of Stan Against Evil, a comedy from Emmy-winning Simpsons writer and producer Dana Gould. The description sounds a wee bit like Ash vs Evil Dead — which is a total compliment — though a lot will depend on who gets cast.

Here’s the description from Variety:

“Stan Against Evil” revolves around a disgruntled sheriff of a New England town, built upon the site of a witch burning ground, who is forced to retire but winds up teaming with his female successor to fight off a plague of demons. Dana Gould is writing and exec producing with Tom Lassally for Radical Media. Frank Scherma and Justin Wilkes are also exec producing. The series is targeted to debut late this year.

Gould hasn’t replied to the Twitter questions that popped up following his “So this happened” announcement, but we’re free to speculate on who we’d want to see as this pair of demon hunters. (Presumably they’re gonna go as far from Bruce Campbell-land as possible in casting the disgruntled ex-sheriff.) With Gould’s comedy instincts guiding the ship and the right actors onscreen, however, this show could be amazing.

Image from Frinkiac Simpsons meme generator, from the Gould-penned episode “Poppa’s Got a Brand New Badge”.