New AGL App Monitors Real-Time Solar Energy Production And Consumption

AGL has launched a new version of its mobile app which aims to give customers access to real-time analytics of energy production from their solar panels, as well as electricity and gas consumption.

The app analyses rooftop system size and age, orientation and local weather conditions to give customers a clear snapshot of their solar system’s performance.

AGL Executive General Manager Energy Markets, Stephen Mikkelsen, said customers have told AGL they are looking for access to information to enable them to be in more control of their home energy needs.

"Most people don’t know if their solar system is operating at maximum efficiency until one or two bills later, when they may see a drop off in production levels. This loss of production represents a loss of earning potential," said Mr Mikkelsen.

"Now, with our app, our customers have information about how well their solar system is performing and if it’s not optimised, they can have it fixed quickly and maximise their earning potential.

"With information like this available in real time, in future customers will be able to use the energy or sell it back to the grid on a daily, even hourly basis.

"Our aim is to lead the market and deliver the best digital experience for our customers and the release of our new app demonstrates this,” Mr Mikkelsen said.

The AGL app allows customers to pay bills, view billing information, make projections of future bills to help avoid bill surprises, as well as determine how much and how efficiently their solar system is producing electricity.

The app is free and is currently available through the App Store and Google Play.

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