Molten Copper's War Of Attrition Against A Giant Jawbreaker

Molten Copper's War of Attrition Against a Giant Jawbreaker

Video: Pitting molten or superheated metal against everyday objects has very much become a genre of internet videos, and hot metal is not to be messed with. You expect it to win, and you kind of hate it for winning, like death or cops. Once in a blue moon though, something comes along that seems totally impervious, but a jawbreaker is not that thing.

The initial pour barely puts a dent in the one pound candy, but the heat of the pooling copper causes the jawbreaker to catch fire. Three minutes of bubbling and flames ensue. In place of a victor we're left with a hardened disc of sugary copper and its half-melted opponent. Free idea: sugar-based volcano suits — cheap, delicious and mostly effective!

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