McLaren's Fastest Ever Convertible Is Entirely Made From Carbon Fibre

Image Cache: McLaren has two unique cars on display at the Geneva Motor Show this year. McLaren's skunkworks Special Operations group has created an all-carbon-fibre tribute to the outgoing P1, and there's also a carbon-fibre-bodied bespoke version of the new 675LT Spider, McLaren's fastest ever street legal convertible.

These two cars are beautiful. The bare carbon fibre looks great on the one-off McLaren P1, the amazing hybrid petrol-electric hypercar competing with the LaFerrari and Porsche's 918 Spyder. And while the carbon fibre bodywork on the MSO-designed bespoke 675LT Spider is covered by a layer of Ceramic Grey paint, that doesn't stop it being bonkers fast -- zero to 100km/h in 2.9 seconds, zero to 200km/h in 8.1 seconds and a top speed of 326km/h. If you happen to be in Geneva when the show kicks off at the start of March, go have a look. [McLaren]

Browse through the cool photos, animations and diagrams in Gizmodo's Image Cache here.


    I really like this car, but I've only got $378.20 in my bank at the moment, guess I'll have to wait.

      If we pooled our cash we might be 0.05% of the way there.

    Author may want to reword the title - its misleading.

    I don't think the brake discs, windows, plastics, fuel lines, diff housings, ECU, wiring, paint, engine block, gear box are made from carbon fibre. Maybe just the body?

      Well, everything in the car is carbon-based... :)

        .. Or Silicon based, aluminium based, iron based, magnesium based, copper based..

      To anyone who knows automotive use of CF, it's perfectly fine.

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