Matt LeBlanc Joins The 'Top Gear' Team

The Top Gear lineup has had a bit of a shake up since the departure of the problematic Jeremy Clarkson, with the introduction of Chris Evans (not that Chris Evans). Now it has been revealed that Matt LeBlanc will be jumping in the co-host seat.

"As a car nut and a massive fan of Top Gear, I'm honoured and excited to be a part of this iconic show’s new chapter," said LeBlanc. "What a thrill!"

In all of it's 39 years, Top Gear has never had a non-British host, and producers are anticipating this will create "an explosive cocktail of car-obsessed entertainers and cultural clashes." Although hopefully not the kind of cultural clashes that have plagued the show in the past.

LeBlanc is no stranger to the Top Gear set — he has been a guest on the show twice, and still ranks #1 in the "reasonably priced car" fast lap challenge.

His appointment is not a huge surprise to fans, as he also presented the Top Gear spin-off The Races.

"Matt’s a lifelong fellow petrolhead and I’m thrilled he's joining Top Gear," said co-host Chris Evans. "Acting out our craziest car notions on screen is a dream job and I know we’ll both be debating some epic road trip ideas. We can’t wait to share what we’ve been up to on screen later this year."

Alan Tyler, the BBC’s Acting Controller for Entertainment Commissioning said "Matt is a class act and a brilliant signing for Top Gear. He is a self-confessed car fanatic with a passion for the programme. I’m really looking forward to watching Chris and Matt bring the all new show to our audiences."

The revamped Top Gear will be launching on BBC Two in May 2016, appearing on BBC Knowledge in Australia.

BBC has confirmed that "additional Top Gear cast members will be announced shortly".



    The BBC should have given the Top Gear name to Jezza, May and Hammond, this new car show is #NotMyTopGear !!

      They can't bring them back. What's done is done. I love how internet geeks always want to go back and change past, full well knowing that a time machine doesn't exist.


      I will give this new show a go. Your probably the same type of person that doesn't give Top Gear US any time because it's not "Clarkson, Hammond and May",

      That would be your loss though. It's a great show. I expect big things from this new BBC season as well.

        Top Gear US is terrible. The jokes don't stick, and the audience seams like they went to the wrong studio.

          I think the worst part is that they're too nice to each other lol Half of the fun of Top Gear UK is that they constantly give each other shite

        Well they have already signed to a new show (apparently going to be called Gear Knobs) and it will likely be way better than any car show the BBC attempts to broadcast!

        #NothingToGetOver - the move by the BBC to sack Jezza was the right call, you can't have your employees bashing other employees and getting away with it. I just think they should have either killed or given away the Top Gear name, and had a fresh start.

        "You're" not "Your".

        You're right, I didn't watch Top Gear US, I gave it a go though, and don't like it as much as the British one. 350 million people agree with me. You are in the minority. It's not my loss at all.

        Don't get me wrong, I'll watch the new series, but I certainly don't expect big things.

        Last edited 05/02/16 11:30 am

          No doubt the new show "gear knobs" will be very entertaining, and will create new records for pirate downloads (since amazon instant isn't available in most countries, incl ours).

          I'm not sure i'll have time to watch them both right through to be honest, so after the first few episodes i'll have to decide which one to stick with.

          Last edited 08/02/16 10:20 am

      It's funny, only a few years ago Jezza and producer Andy Wilman sold Top Gear name and rights back to the BBC for quite a healthy sum.

        Haha really? I assumed the BBC had always held the rights!

        Probably explains why they are broadcasting this new show under the name Top Gear then eh?

      Sadly top gear went from being off the wall, creative and wildly funny with a universal appeal that extended well beyond petrolheads and became a fairly dull, predictable car show. If I'd been Clarkson, I'd have punched that producer in the face too. here's hoping leblanc gives at least one BBC exec a good kicking for ruining what used to be a great show

    How YOU doin?!

    Watching something else

      You need to watch Episodes, brilliant show and LeBlanc is great. Completely changed my view of him.

        O no doubt, I'm not questioning the man's talent. Just haven't got round to watching it, and I am sorry to say this but anything with Chris Evans being the host puts me off slightly

          Chris Evans is an annoying twat! I lived in the UK for a few years and was subjected to his radio show by my flatmate until I moved to another house. Having him in it does not bode well (in mt mind anyway). Having said that I love Matt (as Joey) — so we shall see!

          Episodes, watch it now. Stop whatever you're doing, quit work if you have to, and watch it.
          Exhibit A (NSFW) -

          I love that scene, so wrong, yet so right.

    This is a joke. It will always be stuck in second gear without the trio. I won't be there for this.

    Last edited 05/02/16 8:33 am

      That's your loss. I will be giving this new season a go and judging it on it's own merits (see my reply to Dazzler above)

      The BBC couldn't really care less what we think however. The second rate BBC knowledge channels doesn't contain any of the best shows the British see (like the Apprentice, or watchdog) and in typical foxtel fashion, anything new on there will be months behind UK air dates anyway.

    The old team was fun, but it really had gotten stale even before Clarkson lost his mind completely. I'm not so fearful of change that I wouldn't give the new series a go.

    I'm willing to give the new crew a watch, the banter before was great, but I really watch it for the cars.

    Last edited 05/02/16 8:53 am

    The more motoring content the better. Even if this is a B grade version of the show it will still be better than most of the reality TV garbage commercial TV is pumping out. And we will get the new show by the old Top Gear crew but without the limitations imposed by the BBC so it's a win win. No idea what Matt is really like when he's not acting but he can pedal so that's a big plus. Got to support anything that puts car culture back into the mainstream rather than being demonized as hoons to distract from more serious road safety issues.

    Will he be talking with a British accent? I just don't see how this will gel?

    What happen to the signing of Chris Harris..... the man presents extremely well and can drive.
    His Youtube reviews are unsurpassed

      Yep definitely can pedal and has a great spark presenting. That would have been a big draw card for me to give the new one a decent shot.

    I give this two maybe three seasons. I can't see it lasting very long. top gear was good because of the hosts.

    I can't wait to see James, Richard and Jennifer in their new show, and I won't be watching this one.

    mmmm LeBlancs previous appearance on Top Gear was a bit flat.

    I think you should give yourself an uppercut

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