Lunch Time Deals: 25 Per Cent Off A 50-Inch Soniq TV

When you're buying your lunch today, you might want to take a moment and spend a little more. Gizmodo's Lunch Time Deals posts point out any particularly good bargains for Aussie bargain hunters around the 'net. Today, you can pick up a 50-inch Soniq TV for $599, saving yourself $200 off the ticket price at JB Hi-Fi.

JB Hi-Fi has the Soniq S50VX15A on sale for $599; that's 25 per cent off the $799 list price that JB and Soniq itself usually charge. It's a 50-inch Full HD 1080p TV, with LED edge-lighting — not quite as high-tech as a Sony or LG or Samsung screen from 2016, but it'll still display a fine picture for your Netflix or Stan or Presto viewing over a Chromecast.

It's an Android TV, too, so you can download these apps directly to the TV and navigate with the remote control or a wireless mouse. Integrated Wi-Fi also means you don't have to hook up a network cable to get started. From experience, I'll tell you the Android user interface is not the smoothest or slickest smart TV system, but it gets the job done — especially for less than $600. [JB Hi-Fi]

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