London Is Finally Winning Its War Against The Car

London Is Finally Winning Its War Against The Car

London is a city that was barely designed for horse and cart, let alone the automobile. Cars are still a big part of life in central London, but they're about to be outnumbered by cyclists. Transport statistics are normally eye-wateringly dull, but Transport for London's latest report makes for surprisingly good reading. The number of cars has been halved in the last 15 years: 137,000 per day were coming in in 2000, compared to 64,000 in 2014.

Even more impressive is the transfer to alternative transport: in the same period, cyclists tripled from 12,000 to 36,000, and the number of rush-hour cyclists is expected to outnumber motorists in a few years.

All this is a welcome and necessary accomplishment for a city that's seen double-digit population growth over the same period. With London growing larger and more dense, other transport solutions like trains, buses and bikes are having to grow to meet demand. Increasingly, cars just really aren't part of the equation for rush-hour London.

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    Meanwhile in Sydney, cyclist will be shot on site for attempting to commute. survivors of the commute will be shot again.

      Shooting is too good for them :-)

        Downvote button on your comment isn't working, ggrrr.
        Such a problem those Cyclists delivering packages everywhere, and those people cycling to work because the traffic is so horrible *audible gasp* how dare they not get in cars like everyone else!
        Not their fault the city wasn't designed for them. Not allowed on pathways, not "allowed" on the road. Damnit NSW government - fix the traffic problems but don't let cyclists use the anything!

    London would be a great city for cycling because it's mostly very flat. OTOH, cities like Sydney and Brisbane will never work as well for commuting by bicycle because they are way too hilly.

      Hills are there for fitness and character building. Just push harder on the pedals.

        Do I strike you as the type of moron who would ride a fixie? I have gears to tackle hills.

          then why are you complaining? Harden up

          Last edited 05/02/16 9:28 pm

      With affordable Pedelec cycles becoming ubiquitous that argument holds as much water as a tea bag.

        All well and good, except pedelecs are anything but ubiquitous. I doubt that one in a hundred bikes I see are pedelecs, probably more like 1 in 500.

      I lived in London for a number of years. Its also so small which yo don't realise on the underground. Swiss cottage to Chelsea is like 8kms. I used to go out via Old Street and over tower bridge just for some more kms.

      Great bus lanes to get in, and the only real "climb" was around St Panc.

      Good times.

    You do realize that most bikes now-a-days have gears?

    They [motoring lobby] told UK residents the congestion charge would kill London, in fact just the opposite has happened, it's made it a lot more livable. If they hadn't introduced the congestion charge in 2015, then pollution would be far worse and it would be in permanent gridlock. It means when you really have to drive and there is no other choice then it's 10 times better. Cycling is much less scary, buses are more frequent, you can kick back an watch a show on your ipad on your way to work. At some point Sydney will elect a government that is not ideologically tied to the motorcar and develop a proper integrated road strategy.

      Why would pollution be worse? Do you have any idea how clean a car's exhaust has to be today? I have to say, too, that I didn't notice any difference in the amount of traffic in London between my first visit in 1982 and my most recent in 2005.

        Why would pollution be worse? Do you have any idea how clean a car's exhaust has to be today?
        Do YOU have any idea how clean a bicycle is? Zero pollution.
        "Traffic pollution kills 5,000 a year in UK, says study" [Google it]
        I lived in London and yes there may have been little change in traffic in some areas but where those red dots with the white C are it was a massive change.

        Oh you think its so clean? Shall i attach a hose to an exhaust and stick that hose in your mouth and see how long you last?

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