Logitech's New G810 Gaming Keyboard Is A Full-Colour Masterpiece

If you thought Logitech's previous gaming keyboards were a bit... space-age, then you're in luck. The third keyboard in the company's revamped G gaming line-up looks a lot more straightforward and, y'know, rectangular, but still keeps the same excellent mechanical keys and RGB backlighting.

The G810 Orion Spectrum is the third keyboard to use Logitech's excellent and unique Romer-G mechanical switch, which is 25 per cent faster to actuate than the Cherry MX switches — 1.5mm of travel versus 2mm. And when you're mashing keys in the middle of a firefight, that might actually make a difference.

Where the G910 Orion Spark and smaller G310 Atlas Dawn — seriously, these names sound like BattleMechs — have sharp, angular designs, the G810 Orion Spectrum is flatter, simpler and straighter — in the long-running vein of the IBM Model M.

If you install the complementary Logitech Gaming Software, you'll be able to change the red-green-blue value of each individual key across 16.8 million combinations; the software also has profiles for 300 games' dedicated hotkeys preloaded.

The Orion Spectrum also brings back the analog volume roller that was on the G910, making it super easy to adjust finely without having to touch a secondary function button, as well as dedicated play/skip/mute media controls.

At $249.95 it's not exactly cheap, but nothing with the 'gaming' moniker really is these days. The G810 Orion Spectrum will be out in Australia some time in February. [Logitech G]

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