Logitech's New G810 Gaming Keyboard Is A Full-Colour Masterpiece

If you thought Logitech's previous gaming keyboards were a bit... space-age, then you're in luck. The third keyboard in the company's revamped G gaming line-up looks a lot more straightforward and, y'know, rectangular, but still keeps the same excellent mechanical keys and RGB backlighting.

The G810 Orion Spectrum is the third keyboard to use Logitech's excellent and unique Romer-G mechanical switch, which is 25 per cent faster to actuate than the Cherry MX switches — 1.5mm of travel versus 2mm. And when you're mashing keys in the middle of a firefight, that might actually make a difference.

Where the G910 Orion Spark and smaller G310 Atlas Dawn — seriously, these names sound like BattleMechs — have sharp, angular designs, the G810 Orion Spectrum is flatter, simpler and straighter — in the long-running vein of the IBM Model M.

If you install the complementary Logitech Gaming Software, you'll be able to change the red-green-blue value of each individual key across 16.8 million combinations; the software also has profiles for 300 games' dedicated hotkeys preloaded.

The Orion Spectrum also brings back the analog volume roller that was on the G910, making it super easy to adjust finely without having to touch a secondary function button, as well as dedicated play/skip/mute media controls.

At $249.95 it's not exactly cheap, but nothing with the 'gaming' moniker really is these days. The G810 Orion Spectrum will be out in Australia some time in February. [Logitech G]



    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Logitech hardware is awesome.
    However, I'll never buy from them again as their software is woeful.

      Hardware isn't even that awesome. The logitech I knew and loved died about 8-10 years ago, much better options out there these days.

        I'd have to agree with you. When I wrote that I was think of past experiences.

      I have the G910 - Orion Spark. It is a wonderful keyboard, but if you want to get the most out of it you need some third party software - Gate of Dreams Colour Profile Switcher.


        It is indeed. Only real concern I have on it is it's lack of height adjustment. I like a more angled keyboard so I've had to prop it up with cardboard :(

        Software definitely isn't the greatest either. But I resolved all my software issues by ditching the Logitech G930 headphones. They caused so many conflicts with the keyboard and my G700S mouse that it was past a joke. Went back to good old standard 3.5mm analog audio jack headphones and not a problem since.

    No wrist rest :'(

      I got the 910 last year... has wrist rest and G keys on the left side :)

      Yeah no wrist rest on the 810. I actually broke the wrist rest on my 910 :(

    Still waiting on a mechanical keyboard with a USB 3 hub and an LCD, like an updated version of the G15/G510.

    What others have said. G15 with bluetooth and/or USB connection, cherry blue's and keep the backlit. Rechargeable using USB.

    Once I went Cherry, I couldn't go back (I own a Steeleseries M800 and three MX Brown keyboards). Oh, don't get a Ducky Shine 5, get the Corsair K70 RGB.

    The Steeleseries is by far the brightest and has out of the box lighting profiles for CS:GO and Dota 2 (and Minecraft as well I think). It also has API so you can write your own game profiles.
    Corsair I believe had a slow start (software wise) but the customisable options are insane. Ducky just has a few presets.

    A friend bought a Razer BlackWidow Chroma Stealth, although the lighting is very good and the software looks great, the actual keys feels a little plastic-y.

      People are saying nice things about the Romer-G keys for gaming, might be worth a look.
      That said, reading between the lines, I think perhaps Romer-G is rubbish for typing.

        I type on Romer-G nine or ten hours a day -- it does great!

          It all depends on what sort of typing feel you're after. I was after the sort of feel old IBM keyboards has (I'm pretty sure it was the Model M mentioned in this article), but quieter, so the MX Browns are perfect for me. In saying that, for gaming, the reactions to twitchy movements on the M800 is amazing. For typing, it's too flat for me (not enough feedback) and I sometimes made multiple presses instead of one. You can run your fingers across the M800 and it'll register some keypresses. So I didn't like the Steelseries for everyday typing in the office, even though the touch typing was silent.

          Sadly, I haven't tried the Romer-G properly so can't comment, but it looks like it would be similar to the Steelseries keys (played with a couple of keys in the box). Of course, key caps plays a part in the overall typing experience.

          Funny thing is, I managed to inspire 4 people in the office to buy Cherry Browns and my mate to get the Razer BlackWidow Chroma Stealth. Also helped another friend in another company get Corsair K70 RGBs for his office.

      Great info, thanks. I almost got the Razer BlackWidow Chroma Stealth, but I ended up getting a Corsair K95 RGB with Cherry and I love it.

    I like the idea of the preset gaming profiles for specific games.

    are there other keyboards from different manufacturers that do this too?

      As per my comment above, Steelseries M800 has preset lighting for CS:GO and Dota 2. Sections of the keyboard change colours depending on what's happening in came. E.g. for CS:GO, the number row is ammo, numpad is cash. Dota 2 example: the Insert/Home/PgUp/PgDwn/End/Del cluster is status of items, the Steelseries logo flashes as you're about to respawn.

      I'm sure there are more profiles for more games/keyboards out there (I haven't looked).

    I'll keep this one in mind and start saving up - I was considering the G910 but this looks like it's better suited for media consumption as well as gaming. The button that disables the windows key will come in especially handy.

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