Live Chat With An Australian Mars One Candidate Right Now!

What would you ask someone who's volunteered to spend the rest of their life on Mars? To celebrate the Blu-ray/DVD release of The Martian, one of Australia's Mars One expedition candidates, Josh Richards, has started a five-day five-day public challenge to survive in a simulated Martian base at Sydney’s Circular Quay.

Josh is taking your questions right now!

Richards, who could land a one-way ticket to Mars in 2026, will be required to undertake up to three survival challenges a day, set by a team of experts & scientists. These challenges have been designed to emulate those faced by Mark Watney (Matt Damon) in the The Martian -- which hits Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow, February 10.

You can also watch Josh go through the challenges via the live video feed at and follow along via Twitter @BringhimHOME.

Click through to Facebook below to ask your question...

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    I wonder if he feels confident that the company behind this Mission to Mars can raise the BILLIONS of dollars needed to send people into deep space let alone all the was to Mars.

    Does he have Netflix on Mars?

      No just the basic Foxtel package.

        So they have the budget of NASA then?

          The budget was fine until someone realized they signed a 24 month contract.

    I would ask what it feels like to be part of a hilariously unrealistic plan...

    Wasn't this outed as a con to get money a while ago?

    If they ever figure out how to simulate the feeling of being millions of kms away from earth, let me know. I'll start paying attention then.

    So is Mars One still completely full of crap or not?

      It's still completely full of crap. Almost every element of logistics is either currently impossible or prohibitively expensive, from getting habitable modules onto the Martian surface (something we haven't even attempted or accomplished on the Moon, let alone another planet) to ensuring the base has functional and redundant life support systems and a steady supply of food, water and fuel (solar energy on the Martian surface is half that of Earth at best, significantly reducing photovoltaic panel output).

      I don't use Facebook, but if I did I'd ask him whether momentary fame (and an eternal reputation for stupidity) is really worth sacrificing his life for.

    I'd bet my bottom dollar this guy will never get to orbit, let alone Mars.

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