Lighting 100,000 Sparklers At Once Is The Quickest Way To Make A Working Volcano

Lighting 100,000 Sparklers at Once Is the Quickest Way to Make a Working Volcano

Video: Igniting 10,000 sparklers at once was a cute way to ring in the new year, but assembling 100,000 sparklers into a tower and adding fire is probably as close as one could get to building an artificial working volcano.

The usual 'don't try this at home' disclaimer comes into play here, but the cost of burning 100,000 sparklers — easily a lifetime supply for some people — is prohibitive enough. Besides, it's now officially already been done. If you want to impress the internet with another sparkler experiment, you'll need to up the count to a million. Well? We're waiting.


    Got a taller flame with less packets when I was in grade 11. What a waste of extra sparklers :P

      Yep, 32 sparklers stuffed in a 12mm diameter steel pipe gets a taller flame and also makes a way cooler sound and takes about 40 seconds to setup.

      Yup, grab entire packet bend, bend, bend and the sparkler crumbles off. use funnel and fill tennis ball. stick sparkler into tennis ball hole. Light sparkler == way more fun.

        We used to use a small terracotta pot. One with a drain hole.
        Fill it, seal with a few good layers of alfoil. Flip it upside down, put a sparkler through the drain hole, stand well back and watch.

        Doesn't last very long but it does go very high, and you definitely wouldn't want to be standing over it.

    Idiots. Should have lit it from the bottom.

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