LG Is Finally Selling Flat 4K OLED TVs In Australia

LG has been at the forefront of OLED TV development, and it's still the only TV brand with OLED screens in Australia. After releasing a few curved OLED TVs last year and one pioneering panel in 2014, it's now just answered the prayers of many a home cinema junkie — it's now selling flat 4K Ultra HD OLED TVs around the country.

In a pleasantly surprising move, the two new flat OLED TVs are identically priced to their curved variants — the LG 55EF950T will set you back $5499, and the 65EF950T will cost $8999. You're actually getting newer technology in the flat panels, though — the flat EF screens themselves were announced at the IFA show in Berlin in September last year, where the curved EG has been out slightly longer.

The EF950T TVs are both HDR compliant, with 10-bit native panels and wide colour gamut support for their 3840x2160pixel OLED displays. They run WebOS 2.0 rather than the newer 3.0, which will debut on LG's 2016 TV refresh later this year. The new 55-inch 55EF950T and 65-inch 65EF950T aren't on store shelves just yet, they'll be out this week.

If you don't like curved TVs, you're not alone. They're not worse than flat screens, just different, but especially if you're wall-mounting a screen a flat panel can look more appealing. That's why it's nice to see some variety in the LG OLED range these days — alongside the new 55EF950T and 65EF950T, LG also has a curved 1080p Full HD OLED in the 55-inch 55EG910T and curved 4K Ultra HD OLEDs in the 55-inch 55EG960T and 65-inch 65EG960T.

OLED is, at the moment, the best and highest-contrast TV screen technology you can buy — until something better comes along, so we're really looking forward to getting our hands on the new flat EF950T for review. Stay tuned! [LG OLED]

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    but the prices dammit, where are the prices!?

      Click the link.

      "...in a pleasantly surprising move, the two new flat OLED TVs are identically priced to their curved variants — the LG 55EF950T will set you back $5499, and the 65EF950T will cost $8999."

      Second paragraph :)

        bahaha, woops. skim read that and thought pricing was only for the curved screens.
        i sincerely apologise for my damning...

    Those prices make me do nothing more than miss plasma technology.

      To be fair, I remember seeing my first Plasma in 2001 and it cost upwards of £15,000....

    I got my 1080p LG OLED the day it released in Australia and its the best TV I've ever owned, hands down.

    Last edited 10/02/16 4:22 pm

    But do they support Ultra HD Premium"? HDR support makes a far more dramatic picture improvement than 4K.

    Guess we'd have to wait for LD's 2016 E6 range..

    if they don't support Ultra HD Premium then no good, without ultra hd blu ray 4k tvs suck where the content ? blu ray disc are heaps better then what netflex or what not offer in 4k streaming, ether way if uhd blu ray requires online authentication then ill just stay away from everything , you cart always have and expect the internet to be working always, at 55 inch 4k tv its preety pointless I can barley notice the difference on a 60 inch tv comparing 70p to 1080p , its only just noticeable

    Just a quick warning i bought several OLED TVs last year, (some were prize giveaways through my business) and i found that some of the current 4K LG OLEDs were not bright enough for use in brightly lit rooms (e.g. with large windows in the background) also the curved ones in certain situations suffered VERY badly from reflections on bright days because of the lack of brightness. Make sure you test this out or think about it before spending thousands like i did. I hope the flat ones are better for this.

    These are STILL the 2015 models. Oh for gods sakes when do we actually get to 2016 in Australia?

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