Jason Bourne Is Back, And He's Angry

Video: There's a new Jason Bourne film coming out on July 29, and it's called Jason Bourne. Here's the trailer for the fifth film in the Bourne series, and brings back Matt Damon as the titular badass.

Today is the first day we've actually known the title of Paul Greengrass' new Bourne film. Jeremy Renner as Alex Cross will be back, but not in this particular flick. Jason Bourne will be released in the US on July 29 -- and likely Australia soon after. [YouTube]


    YES! love this. 2016 is looking good for movies.

      agreed 2016 is looking good.

      One issue though.....shithouse movie title. Jason Bourne. Pffft, seriously? Cant they just call it The Bourne Returns: Return of Bourne (Yes Matt Damon one, no lets forget about the one not with Matt Damon) .....I know its a bit of a mouthful but still, better than just Jason Bourne.

        Alternative name suggestions:
        1. Re-borne
        2. Bourne Again
        3. The Bourne And The Beautiful
        4. The Big Bourne Theory
        5. How I Met Jason Bourne
        6. The Bourne Awakens
        7. Bourne To Be Wild

    It looks ok, but I'd like to see a clip of some impressive fight choreography like the stuff he did in his earlier films.

    CAMPBELL SIMPSON - I believe its Aaron Cross, not Alex cross.

      Yep. Alex Cross is Morgan Freeman's character in "To catch a spider" and "kiss the girls"

    Is there any chance that they worked a half-decent story in with the fight scenes and special effects?

    You would be angry to if you got left for dead on mars and stranded by your crew.

    I do enjoy the films, but it still bugs me that they deviated form the books completely.

    i love those books.

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