Jamie Oliver's Website Is Geoblocking Recipes

No, not videos of recipes. Actual, legit, words-and-pictures recipes.

Reddit user fearflavoured made the discovery while trying to look up the recipe for Jamie's "Sizzling Steak Stir Fry", only to be greeted with this message:

The recipe isn't available in our country. A recipe. I don't quite understand the reasoning here. Does it contain ingredients that are frustratingly hard to locate outside of certain regions?

Something just doesn't seem right about this. C'mon, Jamie -- let us cook your grub! (I refrained from saying "pukka tucker" just for you, readers.)

We've contacted representatives for Jamie Oliver for comment, clarification, or just any kind of information about what on Earth is going on here.



    That is odd. What possible reason could they have for doing this?

      maybe an ingredient is illegal in some countries? that's the only valid reason I can think of...

        Can't be that valid, most, if not all, ingredients can be substituted for something else or in a lot of cases, be omitted completely.

      I suspect due to branding in the recipes ingredients and possible contractual difficulties around that in relation to international sales. It might reflect poorly on a brand name if it's being paid to be used as an ingredient in one region but is scarcely or not accepted in another. In that case the product company may prefer to have no exposure at all.

      The other reason, which I'm not sure would be applicable for Australia but would be elsewhere, is certain cultural or religious reasons. For example he might remove pork based recipes for cultures where pork isn't consumed. I can't think of anything that Jamie would cook that couldn't be eaten here in Australia however.

    Foxtel bought exclusive rights to that recipe in your region. So can get it for an inflated price along with other recipes you don't want for an easy monthly free.

      That's not as absurd as it may seem... if he's got a show coming up tackling these recipes he may not want it seen in that country first online.. O_o

        It's exactly as absurd as it seems.

        ...Just maybe not as unlikely as it seems.

    I recon Jamie's got marketing deals with local supermarkets. so the recipe would probably say you can get fair dinkum capsicums at Woolhurts.

    Its convoluted but that's the best possible reason.

      Yep that's it, marketing deals and tie ins with his tours

    Shamie Oliver...

    OIliver is a twat. He's run out of original ideas so now he's onto the woo train. He'll be as bad as Pete Evans before you know it.

    I'm sick of these people. Their income stream dries up and they go completely off the wall to try and maintain their brand.

    Does no one really get this?

    Usually his shows have the whole "You can find recipes at x..." at the end with a real understanding that it's being hosted by the network as a companion piece. Generally the UK channel 4, they're trying to add value to their show by allowing their viewers to catch up on the recipes and are probably paying for it.

    But some Joe Blogs from the other side of the world googling it isn't going to be watching their show, or advertisements, and simply using their bandwidth. It's the same as US late shows geoblocking their uploaded segments, they want them to be used as advertising for people who will actually watch the show.

    Not that I agree with any form of geoblocking at all, and I think a lot of the assumptions behind it are patently false. Last Week Tonight for example derives a lot of strength from the fact it's segments get uploaded and shared all over the world, thus creating a big viral buzz and seeding the brand everywhere making it valuable even if a country hasn't started airing there.

    I always thought the same was true of the Oliver site, but some idiot at channel 4 probably decided he was paying to give free recipes to other countries and chucked a tanty.

    Why would anyone like a TV cook who spits when they talk.

    I would suspect it has something to do with recipes available in real life, honest to goodness, actually on paper books.
    Perhaps some deal where if the recipe is in print form in a particular region it won't be available on line.

    Doesn't his recipes just contain "olive oil" anyway? :P

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