Is This Proof That Green Lantern Will Appear In ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’?

Is This Proof That Green Lantern Will Appear In ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’?

Meet Dan Amboyer. You might know him from playing Prince William in a telemovie, the TV series Younger or even as a random NPC in Grand Theft Auto V . But the reason he is on our radar is due to a role in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Although credited on IMDB as “Drone Pilot” a recent interview revealed he may actually be appearing as Hal Jordan.

Our friends at Popsugar had a chat to Amboyer about his character (named “Lieutenant Christie”) and his experience working on the film, which contains some pretty heavy clues — if only in what he couldn’t speak about.

Amboyer says the set on Batman V Superman “was awesome. I got there right at the beginning of shooting and it was crazy because my first day people were showing me around and all of a sudden the Superman suit comes by — and it’s giant. It’s not something you can hang up. So that was insane. But what I thought was really interesting was that they filmed a lot of it on film, not digital. So a lot of the sets were actually built. So, all of a sudden, you’re on another planet, literally. Everything is so intricate and perfect. You think so much of that is just CGI and postproduction, but it was actually there.”

“It was interesting. He was a cool guy,” he says of working with Zac Snyder. “I don’t know if people know this, but he’s really big about fitness on set, even as far as catering. So, he’s always encouraging healthy food, which is great. He even makes you do push-ups in between takes.”

“Um, I don’t know what I can say that’s not spoilery,” he said regarding the specific scenes he shot. “So, let’s just say, I filmed good ones.”

Amboyer has auditioned for Justice League members in the past, he reveals: “I auditioned to play Superman in Man of Steel originally and I auditioned for The Flash. I’ve constantly been coming back to these characters.”

When asked about any other superheroes making an appearance in the film, he does give us some hope, saying “It’s hard for me to keep up with what’s officially been announced, but yes, there are some other possibilities.”

But when probed to reveal a little more about his character though, he remained tight lipped. “I can’t. They told me I couldn’t say anything.”

He says the “Lieutenant Christie” name is “kind of an undercover thing. The name appears on me at one point.”

In regards to his favourite colour, he does drop a mighty big clue in. “Blue. Definitely blue, but I appreciate nature as well and everything green.”

What do you think? Is this our Green Lantern?