Must Watch: In A Nearly Automated World, Alice Has The Last Job On Earth

In a Nearly Automated World, Alice Has the Last Job on Earth

Video: The Last Job on Earth takes place in one of those nebulous near-future worlds so beloved by fiction. In it, the world is 99.99 per cent automated. Instead of a utopia or dystopia, it presents something that is pretty much in between. The tolls of automation are more internal than external. Made by Moth Collective in collaboration with The Guardian's "Sustainable Business" section, The Last Job on Earth is about the travails of Alice, who is the only person with what we'd recognise as a job. What is nice about this short is that the trouble isn't being oppressed by the machine, it's the isolation. Alice's inability to turn to another human being when things go wrong.

The article tied to this short is optimistic, but there's still something melancholy about the animation, which is lovely. And rings more emotionally true.

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    The Iain Banks Culture stories had each habitation ie planet or ring world with a Mind which is a super computer which controlled all economy and robot factories etc and nobody needed to work. I understand this is called a post scarcity society where nobody needed money although you could be a billionaire if you wanted to.
    Those who wanted to work could live on specialised habitats based on a theme or you could work in Special Circumstances which interected with non-Culture societies.
    So it might be possible for a robot culture where humans are given what they needed without causing massive unemployment but it would take a long time to get there. The author provided for different religions and ideas by giving them their own habitats. This is all from memory, forgive me if I don't have it 100% right.

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    If all jobs were automated, then we become the needless drain on resources and the machines would terminate us for sustainability reasons.

    Resources are drained whether jobs are automated or not.
    By your logic we should terminate ourselves for sustainability reasons.

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