Images Of The Samsung Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge Have Leaked

Ahead of Samsung's special media event on 21 February 2016, the first in hand images and confirmed information about the upcoming Galaxy S7 range have started to come to light. We've had some predictions running for a little while, and it looks like we might have been on the money. Here's what we know -- for sure -- so far.

This image of the back of the upcoming S7 was obtained by ReviewDao, and although the picture quality isn't amazing, it has revealed a few hints about what features the new model may contain.

The camera thankfully appears more streamlined (goodbye, bump!), and appears to match both an early render revealed by Venturebeat and a CAD diagram from serial leaker Shai Mizrachi (below).

Another image reveals what is believed to be the Galaxy S7 Edge, courtesy of Weibo user JKwan. Further proof of its legitimacy lies in the picture showing the device running a benchmarking app that reveals the model number SM-G9350, which was tied to the S7 Edge when it passed through China's Compulsory Certification organisation.

So what do these images reveal about the design direction Samsung are taking?

The focus appears to be on a curved, streamlined design -- almost harking back to the S6. The slightly bulged back may indicate a larger battery capacity, and the Edge version appears to be boating a bigger screen.

It's got to be said though -- those fingerprints. Ouch. It seems the new model will be just as hard to keep looking clean than previous versions. I just want to buff it with a soft cloth. Great for crime scene detectives, I suppose?



    Those fingerprints might have something to do with the pineapple this guy was in the middle of eating when he decided to upload some leaked images...

    Not trying to be inflammatory but that back makes it look really cheap.

      Agreed. Not sure if it's just in dire need of cleaning up, but from those photos it looks like a cheap knockoff of the S6...which is...disappointing.

    The quality looks like its going down hill. Is that a plastic back on the phone??

    Looks 4 years old already. progress.

    Looks ripe for sliding strait out of my hand and fornicating with concrete.

    This is not the final design and phone manufacturers like Samsung put their demo phones in alternate designs when handing them out for testing do as to not reveal the final design like what had happened in the past. Everyone breathe.

    I do hope that's a return to a hard wearing plastic removable back... One that lets a stronger signal reception through, and allows the battery to be replaced... And allows a slim snug fitting flip cover... Which is what personally appealed to me with the whole galaxy S and note range in the first place... I stopped upgrading at the S5 and note 4 due to the stupid metal/glass "premium" feel/look.

    Removable back cover -- does this mean they're bringing back the MicroSD slot? that was the #1 thing that stopped me from getting the S6

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