If Movies Ended When A Character Says The Movie Title They'd Be Hilariously Short

If Movies Ended When a Character Says the Movie Title They'd Be Hilariously Short

Video: Chris Huebs came up with the brilliant idea to re-edit popular movies to end right after a character says the title of the movie. So when the audience is welcomed to Jurassic Park, boom the credits roll. When you meet the Fellowship of the Ring, bam it ends. It's a hilarious gag because the title dropping in the dialogue is played off to such a crescendo that it becomes jarring when the movie ends right then and there.


    roll credits *ding*

    For 300, the movies title is used well before the scene they chose. It's used a few times before they even leave for the gates when they first assemble as a force, probably about 15 minutes in.

    "The First Rule of fight Club is.... "
    [where is my mind... where is my miiiiind]

      But it suits that film...not showing them because you dont talk about fightclub.

    "Don't screw around with me Maverick. You're a hell of an instinctive pilot. Maybe too good. I'd like to bust your butt but I can't. I got another problem here. I gotta send somebody from this squadron to Miramar. I gotta do something here, I still can't believe it. I gotta give you your dream shot! I'm gonna send you up against the best. You two characters are going to Top Gun. "
    [Take my breath awaaaaaaaay]

    James Bond: Living Daylights would be a 5 minute show.

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