How To Make A 118 Gigabyte Floppy Drive

How to Make a 118 Gigabyte Floppy Drive

Before you call fake, know that both you and this custom built computer are being tricked in two very clever ways. Those of us who had to deal with floppies will recall that a standard 10cm disc only had about 1.4mb storage after being formatted. However, the metal shutter is exactly the right size to house an SD card. That's where the increased storage comes from.

How to Make a 118 Gigabyte Floppy Drive

As to how a floppy drive is able to read an SD card, that's where the computer gets tricked. The connector that normally links the floppy drive to rest of the computer has almost identical pin spacing to your average SD, so the unused pins were removed and the remaining ones bent upward to meet the SD once it's inside the drive, like so:

How to Make a 118 Gigabyte Floppy Drive

Super smart, but also might damage your cards after a while (Credit: Gilmour509//Imgur)

For more about the build process watch the teardown video, or browse the other photos of its construction.




    So... do you call it fake or not?

      I see your dilemma. On the one hand it's not a floppy disk anymore, or not a working one, but on the other hand it is a removable storage device in a floppy case and slot that actually has that capacity. You could use it as a functional drive. I'm going with functional fake.

    damn!!! that is one sweet looking vintage beastie in the video

    Last edited 29/02/16 12:52 pm

    haha this is so lame!
    hope he got his kicks out of his 5 seconds of interwebz fame.

    Cool! Completely impractical though.

    Anyone else notice the "Don't copy that floppy" mp4?
    In fact his whole setup except for the screen is an exercise in retro revival. And nicely done as well. The chunky cordless phone, the sweet IBM beige box, the IBM Model M keyboard.

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