How Many Of These Deadpool Easter Eggs Did You Catch?

Deadpool has its fair share of nods, references and cameos and even if you rocked up to the cinema with your eyes peeled, you'd have been hard pressed to catch them all. Fortunately, we have videos like this one to help out. Spoilers? Yes, of course it has spoilers.

Over on YouTube, Mr Sunday Movies has done us all a favour and collated over 100 Easter eggs found in Deadpool, from the difficult to notice streets signs named after the comic character's creators, to the more obvious Stan Lee cameo, to the downright hilarious X-Men related timeline confusion.

It's hard to say whether the clip is a definitive compilation -- I imagine with time the internet will pick up a few more -- but for now, it's about as comprehensive as it gets.

[YouTube, via Nerd Approved]

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    Not sure you can claim the history of a reference as a reference. He references Cable, which is an Easter Egg. Cable is Scott Summer's son. That's not a different Easter Egg unless it's contextually reference... and there was no reference around Cable. A lot of shoddy attmepts there. Bad form.

    At the start of the scene where Wade meets Vanessa the camera pans across the pool table. You can see only arms, and one of those is a BLUE woman's arm. In the comics Vanessa is Copycat, a shape shifter who in her base form is blue. Is this her arm?

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