Here Are All The 2016 Super Bowl Commercials [Updated]

Apparently it's Superb Owl time in the United States. On Monday, two teams of strong men wearing tight clothes and bulky armour will run into each other for four hours, but the more important thing is a bunch of advertisements. Watch them all here.

Super Bowl image via Shutterstock

We'll keep this post updated as more and more roll in over the weekend, so check back regularly. Presented in no particular order, here are all the commercials that will air during the 2016 Super Bowl, the 50th of its name.

Update: here's another batch!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

Acura (Honda) NSX




Mountain Dew


Amazon Echo

Axe (Lynx)




Super Bowl Babies

Death Wish Coffee


Bud Light







Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows

Avocados From Mexico



T-Mobile USA

ShockTop Beer



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    You forgot the Audi one that I may or may not have worked on.

    Honda ad: "I have spent all my years in believing ewe"... haha

    Why the hell do they release them early, come Superbowl day most don't care any more and there goes a crap load of money on advertising down the drain.

      Really? Down the drain? When people are watching the ad outside of the space they paid for? They pay for the space but get loads and loads more plays of the ad on YouTube and via news & information websites.

        So release them after they have aired on TV so they still get that prime spot where everyone will want to watch them. Knowing i have seen them all i am more inclined to leave my TV now as opposed to watching them.

          No see, they are trying to drive down the price of advertising in the SuperBowl by removing the prime spot appeal.

          Clever move I say

    Also you missed this one
    Mountain Dew Puppymonkeybaby

      holy shit i just lost it. that was amazing.

    There's a whole lot more here:

    And these aren't all the ads, just the ads available before the game. There are a lot more ads during the game left as a 'surprise'.

    Every one was the Audi ad; how did that happen?

    stupid yanks country is all about money and advertising create a dumb game spend billions of taxpayers money on it and think the rest of the world gices a shite..stupid game..and thewse moronz trhat pay 1000 dollars to attend the superslowbowl what idiots seriously..enough bums in US who need some maccas go give em a feed..hell games just as pathetic as afl..f@g leage in AFL/NFL

      Okay... although it looks like you had a stroke at some point during your rant, do you require medical assistance?

      I don't think we're in a position to point any fingers at the USA given the results that our own education system appears to be producing.

    If they could run a country like they run a superbowl......

      If they cared about how the country is run like they cared about the superbowl...

        if trump would go blow his brains out....

    What the fuck, PETA?

    I'd like that PETA ad to cite its references.

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