Hear This Year's F1 Cars Roar Into Life

Video: 2016 is the year of louder, meaner Formula 1 cars. And it sounds like Mercedes' W07 Hybrid might just be the meanest of them all.

This year, regulations on tailpipes were eased by the Formula 1 technical committee, addressing the complaints of many fans that 2015's petrol-electric hybrid 1.6-litre turbocharged V6s were a little lacklustre in the sound department. Mercedes isn't the only marque to release an aural demonstration of its new engine and exhaust setup, though -- McLaren Honda and Ferrari have both done the same.



    its hard to tell what they actually sound like because they've all been recorded in a workshop with a shit ton of echo. ill hold judgment until i hear them at 12000 rpm on a track.

    Hmmm, the Benz sounds like a lawn mower, the McLaren sounds like an outboard motor and the Ferrari sounds like a hand dryer.

    This is what the fans are missing...


      oooh, yep, missed that. and that sound *drool*

      Yep. Bring back the high revving engines! If I go to the F1 I want to be hearing them for a week after.

    I hope that they are quite a bit noisier because I won't be returning to see them live whilst they sound like my lawn mower

    Yep, get rid of the RPM limit and get rid of the fuel flow limit otherwise you're wasting our time

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