There's A New Streaming Service Launching In Australia Next Month, Just For Reality TV

There's a new subscription streaming service coming to Australia. It's called Hayu, it's launching in March, and it will only screen reality TV like Keeping up with the Kardashians, Made In Chelsea, and Real Housewives. Only. Reality. TV.

Yes, this is really happening.

Hayu — styled hayu, or hay u — will launch next month for a $5.99 monthly subscription fee, and is the brainchild of parent company NBCUniversal — the network behind a host of reality TV shows including Keeping up with the Kardashians. When it debuts, it'll have over 3000 episodes of reality TV on tap and over 500 more will be added each year.

The majority of shows on Hayu will be released on the online platform the same day as their US airdate. Past seasons of shows will also be available, and the service — running on tablet and smartphone apps, connected TVs and laptops — will tie in with reality celebrities' social media accounts, "offering a breakthrough, shareable user experience" according to the NBCUni press release.

The Australian launch is simultaneous with the service becoming available in the UK and Ireland too, where it'll be £3.99 and €4.99 respectively. Hayu won't have exclusive rights to content, it seems, so these shows will still be available both online through competing streaming services and through traditional broadcast TV channels.

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