Have $US5.5 Million? That's All You Need For Your Own Personal Submarine

A personal submersible? Don't mind if I do! What's that, do I have $US5.5 million handy? Uh, why don't we assume I do and you can just show me around?

When it comes to finding the perfect submarine for one's personal use, it doesn't get much slicker than Triton Submersibles' range of vehicles. Sure, you'll need a few million dollars to spare if you want one of your very own, but when did that stop anyone?

(OK, it stops everyone.)

For those with $US25 million to burn, you can pick up Triton's deluxe model, the 36000/3. It can take three people (pilot included) down to depths of 11000m.

If spending tens of millions is out of the question, Triton does have cheaper models, like the 6600/2. 2000m is the max on that one, but it can handle a pilot and passenger and will only bankrupt you seven or eight thousand times over.

Time to start saving.

[Triton Submersibles, via Oh Gizmo!]

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    Should have included their sub tender boats also

    "down to depths of 11000m"
    Err.. that's 11 kilometers dude, even 1100 meters sounds a bit of a stretch?

      Yeah agree,

      Deep sea challenger had a test depth of 11 km and that had a very thick steel pressure hull. I can't imagine any glass or acrylic sphere would get that far down.

      I certainly wouldn't want to be the first to test there depth claim

      The ocean is that deep, but I suspect the $25M is for the sub only. No mention of the support vessel and crew to actually use it.

      It's not a typo. That's what the website says. It says it'll take you to the bottom of the ocean.

        11k down in an acrylic bubble, that's a big call man

          Well, it's a 25 million dollar acrylic bubble so hopefully it doesn't crack under the pressure :)
          You certainly wouldn't be alive enough to sue if it did!

    Or for around $2m you could have the columbians build you one of the ones they use to smuggle drugs into the US.

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